8800GT - Potential noise and overheating problems?

Hi, I'm a complete noob to the world of PC hardware upgrades so please bear with me!

I'm looking at upgrading my hopeless X1650 SE to an 8800GT but have a few questions before I decide to do the deed. I have one of these machines: http://www.ciao.co.uk/HP_Pavilion_Media_Center_TV_m7775_uk_a_Core_2_Duo_E6600_2_4_GHz__6654999

I'm pretty near settled on upping the supplied 300W PSU to a Corsair HX Series 620W to accommodate the graphics card, despite not having the greatest confidence!

Now my biggest concerns are noise levels and overheating. I'm not planning on overclocking (although if I was to buy a BFG 8800GT I realise they come overclocked), so should the stock fan be substantial? Also, as I live in a shared house I can't have high noise levels either, I'd really want it to be as silent as possible. Does anyone know how the noise levels of an 8800GT compare to an X1650 SE?

If I've missed anything you need to know in order to help then please feel free to ask!

Cheers guys!
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  1. noise levels not really high enough to bother you. Stock cooling should be good. Obviously it depends on your enviroment as welll. If you live in middle earth let's say... you gonna have the problem
  2. Lol, nope I'm not on Middle-Earth.

    I ran Speedfan earlier which told me my processors were running at 36C, although that wasn't after any gaming. Are my temperatures likely to jump with the 8800GT?
  3. 1-3 degrees possibly
  4. So you must be gaming with earphones as it's a shared house? Granted, it's loud as hell and inefficient at 80%, but thats why Riva Tuner allows for fan profiles. Replacement fans cost piddiley, so if you want the card for the card, get it now and worry about the decibals later. Your room-mates aren't likely to be annoyed through a wall with insulation by a constant fan speed.
  5. Ah, that's surprised me actually. After reading about >80C temps I was worried it might be a lot more, especially considering the stock cooling.

    There won't be any noise issues then?
  6. The fan is louder than most, but if your gonna have earphones on while gaming it's faint. If you create a fan profile (say as an example, 30% [quaint] in Windows and 70% gaming) it wouldn't be so dramatic.
    You can find a replacement fan cheapily and easily that will drop your noise level and heat exceptionaly - sometimes 15-20 celcius differences from stock. The highest I have seen is 78C in Race 07 - my fan steps up the pace at that degree buzzing at 80%, yet my speakers are so loud, I couldn't hear fan if I tried. <Imo, I don't like gaming w/o sound (hint, hint) :)

    Great performance to dollar ratio. I never let the bitching about heat and noise deter me. Very pleased.
  7. Basically, the noise during gaming isn't too much of a problem. It's when it'll be idle at night that's the concern. If they can hear it through the walls I'm going to be in trouble!
  8. I'm trying to find the noise difference between a BGF OC and a BFG OC 2. Is there likely to be much of a difference?
  9. Same fan between them.

    You may try the HR-03 GT VGA Cooler from Thermalright. This is the fan I've heard works the best for cooling with the 88GT and I've heard it's quiter - someone said almost silent? Can't vouge for it but a lot of people will.
  10. Although it's the same fan, I'm assuming it'll get hotter as it's overclocked. Does that mean naturally it'll be louder.

    I really don't know what I'd be doing with aftermarket cooling, so I'd rather just stick to a stable card that doesn't require any extra cooling.
  11. If a buy a manufacturer overclocked 8800GT (for example I was looking at a BFG 8800GT OC2), should I have a level of cooling on a par with what I should have if I overclocked myself, or are the cards designed in such a way that I don't need to worry?

    Also, would I be right in assuming that an increased manufacturer overclocking means increased fan noise?
  12. The Thermalright HR03 GT has just released and can be bought for about $50 to $60 without the 92 mm fan ($6). It comes with a massive heastsink and seperate heatsinks for the ram and VPU chips. You have to remove the original heatsink/fan top. It voids some companies warrenties when you do this. Properly PROPERLY installed expect MUCH lower (60c) temps and a much quieter fan because you don't need to run the 92 mm fan at tornado speeds. Mine was preordered and will be in Sat I hope.
  13. Weren't those 8800 cards quite long? Would it fit into that Pavillion?

    Or am I thinking about the ATI 2XXX series?
  14. the GT is shorter than the GTS,GTX,Ultra

    by almost 2 inches i think.
  15. I think the problem is DX10 or drivers.
    When I played Crysis on DX10, vista 64 & 8800GT, it overheated and crashed. RivaTuner didn't work well because Vista 64 didn't have signed drivers.
    I downgraded to XP and DX9. All problems went away and there is a simple hack to get near DX10 graphics (motion blur is still better in DX10)
    In XP, I get 30+ fps, 1600x1200, very high quality. I was hoping to move forward and never use XP again. Oh well.
    Things better mature within 6 months.
  16. if u plan on getting a 8800gt and u want it to be silent --sparkle's 8800gt was reviewed by anandtech.com .its got a passive cooling system for the 8800gt and the temperatures are almost identical to the stock 8800gt with a fan albeit on the higher side.do give it a look.
  17. I think your over estimating the "noise"... would they hear an Xbox360 through the walls? Those things are much louder than the 8800gt fan.
  18. You can always wait for the 8800GTS 512mb...granted it costs more but it's cooling is a heck lot better and quieter. Heat also goes out.

    Anyhow the 8800GT is quieter than the old 8800GTS during idle. When you start playing some intense game, the 8800GT becomes pretty loud, louder than the the old 8800GTS.
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