Mapilab POP3 Mail Collector service not starting on reboot

We have the Mapilab POP3 Mail collector for Exchange 2010 running on our server (Windows SBS 2011). For some reason, the service is not starting when the server is restarted, and we have to start it manually. I have already checked to make sure that the service is configured to start automatically. I know that this was an issue with some of the older versions, but I wasn't aware of this being a well-known issue with the version that we are using. (Version: 2.3.1) Any information is appreciated.
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  1. Hi.

    First, I advice you to upgrade Mapilab POP3 to the latest version (v.2.6.0.) It will not solve current problem but it will help you to get technical support faster. Regarding the problem -- look at the Mapilab Connector service properties at the Dependencies tab, this service requires other service to be started (microsoft exchange transport) so if this service doesn't start at first time -- Mapilab POP3 Connector service will not be started too. Microsoft Exchange Transport can be started in second or third try but Mapilab service will not be started.

    To solve the problem with starting Mapilab POP3 service it is necessary to solve the problem with starting of Microsoft Exchange Transport.

    Andy V.
  2. We use Hexamail for this reason: it is separate from Exchange SMTP connector and so it will start up and collect email even if Exchange is down. It queues the email and sends to Exchange when the SMTP connector become available again.
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