gotta a very noobish question

hi guys..i'm planning to built my own rig and its like my first i like to ask u guys who has a very wide knowledge some questions.niwae the rig specs is as stated below:

cpu:AMD Athlon64 X2 5000+
video card: POWER COLOR Radeon X1950Pro 256MB DDR3

so the questions is:

1st ques:
what motherboard chipset is the best and suitable for the cpu and the video card?

2nd ques:
is CRUCIAL BallistiX 1GB (PC2-6400/CL4) 800MHz DDR2-800 perfect for the cpu,video card and *chipset*?or should i use other memory card?if i shouldn't use this memory card cud u guys recommend me other models?

3rd ques:
niwae,i'm looking for a motherboard that has firewire,usb 2.0 ports,lan.what brand and model is the best and not that expensive.

4th ques:
so once i know what to get for the memory and motherboard.i need to know what amount of watts(psu)for my rig?aniwae,does it matter how many watts i use?

niwae,guys i hope i could get some answers and recommendations soon and i'm very sorry if my question sounds stupid but i'm just a beginner in diy comp.thanks

p.s im building a rig that able to support 3d max,photoshop,premiere pro smoothly and pls forgive my poor english
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  1. help and answers are appericiated..need help asap.thanks
  2. Get a new am2+ mobo. It will offer some future compatability. ASUS M3A AM2+/AM2 AMD 770 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail <<< That looks like a nice board. The one review on Newegg said that it OC's well. Can't beat that with the black 5000 x2. Ram looks fine. The fact that this mobo doesn't have on board firewire shouldn't put you off. If you actually do use firewire, get an add in card and save the money that it would take to get a mobo with it already installed. As far as the PS is concerned get a good one. I like the Toughpower ones from thermaltake. Get one with a good efficiency factor like the toughpower ones. If you are air cooling (because water takes more power to pump the coolant around) you should be fine with 550+ watts. <<< that one looks nice. Whats the price range for this rig and whats the purpose?
  3. Unless you already have the two component you listed, I would scrap that altogether..

    First off the appz you listed require the max. amount of RAM you can afford to run at their best.
    Secondly I would go with an nV card insted of ATi just because they normally perfrom way better in OpenGL mode than the ATi counterparts, and normally many professional 3D appz use OpenGL for the onscreen rendering (Some may let you choose, but not all).

    Secondly, all the appz you listed benifit from having the maximum number of cores available, regardless of the actual speed difference you could encounter, i.e 4 cores @ 2ghz would be more effective than 2 cores @ 2.4-2.6 ghz (this is regarding all the rendering aspect of the applications). But the cheapest quad runs @ 2.66 and sells for peanuts right now. So i'd get that for the "work" part of your build.

    You did not mention the socket for your CPu and neither the type of connection for the GFX card (AGP or PCI-e),
    so advice on a mobo is hard to give. So if you intend on using those specifically, please let us know the complete specs.

    The wattage for a "mainstream", non-overclocked, single Gfx card system can start from 450W for excellent quality units(Tier 1 or 2) or 550w for normal quality units(Tier 2-3), up to what your budget allows. I run a Crossfire Setup with 4 HDD on a Corsair 620W unit without any issues, to give you an example. The only thing I must point out, Is that you must have a solid amperage on your PSU rails, since the X1950Pro tend to require quite a bit of juice.

    As far as the Ram Brand is concerned, Imo it all depends of the price. I've personnaley used Cosair, Kingston, OCZ and Crucial branded Ram, and never had any problems. I prefer OCZ right now just because I can get their products pretty cheap, but again thats all depending on where you are and what budget you have.

    I would get at least 2GB of Ram, DDR2800 if possible, if your running an AM2 socket cpu.

    Hope this helps.
  4. I agree with mcmonopoly.
    Unless you have the stuff already, I'd definetly get a quad core and at least 2GB of DDR2 RAM running at 667mhz, 800mhz would be for more ideal however. For what you're planning on doing. In order to properly power the CPU and the GPU, I'd say you should pick up a 550w or 600w just to be safe. As for a motherboard, we'd need more specifics, but you can get some pretty decent m/b's for fairly cheap.
    -Hope that helps
  5. Reading the advice of the others, I realize I may have made a mistake. I assumed you had the CPU and the video card. Is this the case. Do you already have the 5000 x2 and the 1950 pro? If you don't have these already I would recomend the q6600. It is superior. If you do have them, then I stand by my advice.
  6. hi guys,i'm really appreciated with ur advice.well,actualli i don't have the 5000 x2 and 1950 pro yet.but i plan to buy them as it is cheap in singapore plus in the 5000 x2 and 1950 pro review perform quite well.

    Aniwae,i'm planning to get a PCI-E card.and for the quad core cpu i don't think i could afford it as in sg the quad core still cost a bomb(sgd 1000=us$ 500)as i 'm 18 and schooling so means sgd 1000 is like my 5 month pay my budget is actualli between sgd 800 to sgd 1000.

    niwae,for the psu is it recommended to use the psu that comes wit the case itself?and as for the memory i've stated in my previous post isnt it a ddr2 ram running at 800mhz?

    btw hairycat101 the motherboard u recommends me what chipset is it using?is it compatible wit ddr2 800mhz?

    and again guys thanks for the advice..
  7. The motherboard I recomended is compatable with DDR2 800. It will also be compatable with 1066. As for the chip you are looking at, if it is the Black edition, then the multiplier is unlocked. Use the multiplier of 14 because that takes the memory devider to an even 1:1. Then if you must overclock, use the system bus. The new ATI cards, at least here in America, are similarly priced to the one you are looking at. If you can, go with a 3850. As for the powersupply, if you can use the one that comes in the case, then save the money. I am concerned that it won't have the power available on the rail for the video card. Check Asus' website for a qualified vendor list on the RAM. Good luck on your build. Let us know how it turns out.
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