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I need a TV Tuner Card, and the only thread is over a year old. So list your cards and tell me what to buy. Thanks

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  1. You can get good info from year-old threads, analog TV tuners haven't made a significant leap forward since 1997.
  2. iStoke said:
    I need a TV Tuner Card, and the only thread is over a year old. So list your cards and tell me what to buy. Thanks


    I have a Hauppauge PVR-150 and got it quite a while ago. It's a decent analog tuner card, does hardware MPEG-2 encoding and the whole bit. However, I'd only consider a digital-capable card such as one that has an ATSC tuner if I were buying today. Even if you don't currently get either OTA or cable HDTV, many if not all of the digital cards will also work with analog signals as well.
  3. The absolute best resource that I found when researching tuner cards was From my own personal experience, I have the Hauppauge HVR-1600. I can't recommend this card, however, because the standard definition (analog) input looks horrible on my TV. The digital input looks really good though.
  4. I have a Leadtek 2000XP RM (analog) and I like it. It had some sound issues on some mobos but this can be fixed. I hear that Leadtek generally makes good TV tuner cards.
    I also have a PixelView BX1500 PCI-E (hybrid) and I've had nothing but problems with that one, I really can't recommend it.
  5. FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual Digital 4... seems its for AUS and Europe but DVICO/Fusion make some good cards. Dual Digital PIP awesome quality.
  6. Does anyone have any experience with the AverTV Combo PCI-e card? From what I've read, it's highly recommended.

    I wonder if it would improve my analog quality?
  7. I'm a cheapo... I ended up getting:

    AVerMedia AVerTVHD MCE A180 PCI Digital TV Tuner Card

    Had to d/l the software, didn't come with a CD. The software that I d/l'd also had the driver, so it was just a run/reboot, works.

    I brought it mainly to use my old xbox. One bad thing is, it ghosts/blurs some on playing certain games. But playing a movie off it I didn't see ghosting. I use a 22" LCD monitor, which may have to do with it. Still playable though. :D

    I recently brought a HD antenna, and was kinda surprized how clear local HD channels were. Although, it would lock up when the signal wasn't strong enough. Basically the picture just freezes. I didn't have to reboot, just end the task, and restart.


    HD local channels kinda remind me of satelite/dish on a really bad day. :lol:
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