HD 3870? Better for my rig?

I was wondering if a 3870 would go best with my p35 ds3l?

Would a 3870 be able to play COD4, Lost planet, And maaybe crysis at Highest settings 1280x1024????
I would settle for a bit of tweaking... but i gotta know!!!

Would crossfire increase my performance in these games or any others??
2 x 3850's ??? :ange:
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  1. Drivers for both ATI and Nvidia are still being tweaked for those games. Most would tell you to get an 8800GT but if you want to run dual GPU's then you're forced to go AMD 3800 because of your chipset. To be honest you wont be disappointed with the 3870. I do have to suggest DUAL 3870's instead of 3850's if you want Crossfire. If two 3870's isn't in your budget then stick with a single 8800GT. Also remember the G92 8800GTS is coming is December so you may want to hold out for that. It will cost more than 2 x 3850's but the performance will probably be more than 2x.
  2. Thanks! My budget is $350 for GPU so ill have to see... my major upgrade is in febuary so until then, i can only wait...
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