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:( I have had to recently 'repair' XP home and in doing so ( on my older laptop) whilst the repair was working up it identified many instances of missing win files (winding-win_dos.chm-windows.hlp-winhelp.exe-winhlp32.cnt-winstrm.dll-wowdeb.exe-wppap.chm and wscript.chm. In the end I terminated the repair as I felt there would be many more mssing files.

The first time I repaired the system it seemed to work fine although I could not get into IE bit could use email and skype.
After spending many minutes with my ISP (greenbee) techie things went bad to worse and finally the whole maching just crawled along - hence a further repair.

Can anyone help me - it seem that my xp cd is now missing files?

James :(
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  1. Quote:
    Can anyone help me - it seem that my xp cd is now missing files?

    The CD is not going to go missing any 'burned in' original files. I would run the repair installation and bypass any files that didn't load. The system could be showing some hardware that don not match with the drivers available on the XP installation CD. Try and skip them and go ahead with the repair installation. A repair nstallation bring the OS back to the point of the installation CD. If that does not solve the problem, perhaps a clean freh installation of the operating system is needed. Be sure to save important personal files to disk or removable drive.

  2. Check the CD for scratches or dirt. Wash with plain soap and warm water.
  3. It's likely a scratched CD, or a bad optical drive. Cleaning the CD is a good first suggestion.

    If that doesn't help, try a different CD/DVD drive.
  4. A lot of times when doing a repair installation files will show as missing during the repair. Most often these are driver files that will not effect the repair if simply bypassed. I believe this is what OP is experiencing.
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