Buying new VGA need advice

Hi guys. I’ve decided to by a new graphic card. My two options are
Asus EAH2600XT D4/HTDI/256M
Asus EN8600GT/2DHT/256M

What do you think of them, and in the long run which one do you think will have better performance with new games?
Also if you have any suggestions in the 100~150$ range I would be happy to hear them.
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  1. with you're budget around 150-200 you should extremely get the HD 3850
    its the best mid ranger card
    Google about it and you will know what i mean
    or look her [...] pert&pid=9 [...] n_hd_3800/
  2. Yeah if you can stretch your budget a little, then the 3850 is a no brainer, will about double the performance of both those cards. If you cant, the the 2600XT is the better choice than the 8600GT.
  3. get the can find the best price here:

    Only $175 and has a lifetime warranty. If you are willing to spend $30 more and want 512MB instead of 256MB, than get a 8800GT here:

    Only $208 and amazing performance.
  4. Guys thanks for the advice. I like the Ati Radeon HD 3850, but I would have to wait to see the price of it because I have no means to buy it of the internet and in my country the prices are different. As for the GeForce 8800GT it is just too expensive for me, but thanks anyway.
  5. Hey Niksi

    is it possible for you to head to a different country to buy the gfx card? - I realise skopje is in Macedonia but the details of travelling escape me; I seem to recall that for someone else in the balkans (dunno if you're too offended by that... if so, sorry, if not, great) to head up to Austria and buy it from there; could you do that (bit like myself in England going to France for Wine), or maybe head to Italy or Croatia even... I appreciate its a long journey, and not the sort of thing undertaken lightly... but its a thought.
  6. Hi vincio_Fil iarum. You’re right Skopje is in fact in Macedonia. As for the travelling it’s not a problem. The problem however is that I personally have a crappy luck when comes to buying things. If in any case the VGA malfunctions or has compatibility issue it would be near to impossible for me to return it. In fact that is what I’m trying to resolve right now. My pc is freezing on games and everyone says that the VGA I currently own has compatibility issues with my mobo. Not to bore you with details my point is that if the new VGA has the same problem it would be a waste of money.
    Thanks anyway and sorry for the long post.
  7. Well the trick there is to research the brand of card vis-a-vis yr motherboard. Have a search on the manufactuers forums, of both the card and board.

    But a thought strikes me - have you updated your motherboard BIOS? When I got my current mobo\GPU I couldn't get it to display anything at all - an older gfx card and a BIOS update solved that problem. Or it could be a PSU issue - is your PSU up to dealing with your gfx card?

    If you really want to get a new card though, then I'd put in a vote for the 3850 over anything else (8800GT excepted, but you've already said its too expensive).
  8. vincio_Filiarum thanks for the concern. But believe me you don’t want to get involved. I’ve tried everything from changing the bios to changing the screws on the mobo. I’m tired of troubleshooting so I’m taking the easy way out. I’ve decided to change the mobo and the VGA. And I’ll also buy an Asus mobo and an Asus VGA so no compatibility issues can occur. I’m thinking of buying the
    Asus M3A
    Asus EAH3850/G/HTDI/256M
    I’m hopping that this way my problem would go away.
  9. if i where you i trend to get crossfire mobo something like

    if you are a gamer with both hd 3850 in crossfire you fly
  10. Hi chechnyan. First of all as I’ve said before there is a compatibility issue. And I’m not really a gamer. I like playing games but not the extent of me buying two VGA and linking them in crossfire mode. The Asus M3A offers me everything that I need, so I’m sticking to it. Nevertheless thanks for the advice.
  11. Good man - Asus are a good choice (or at least I think they are... I occasionally hear rumours about shoddy customer service)... but I also think they're quite expensive as far as manufacturers go. Though having said that, you don't have many alternatives for a full mobo\vga combo (MSI are the only ones that spring to mind... and I've had issues with them...)

    Hopefully they'll sell them in Macedonia, for the price you're after... enjoy!
  12. I agree with these up for a few more weeks and get a 8800gt or a me you'll be happy you did.."only" a 100 bucks more at most but be worth it.
  13. vincio_Filiarum I do agree with you Asus is a good brand name. Msi sells here but I don’t like them so much, my current VGA is Msi and once I had to replace it with a new one because it was defective and now the compatibility, so NO MSI. About the 8800gt I said it’s too expensive, and also you should know that in my country Macedonia 100 bucks is a lot of money. But never mind the price looking at the benchmarks the HD 3850 for the upcoming games on 1280x1024 res and mid details suffices. Like I said I’m not much of a gaming enthusiast so I’m sticking to the HD 3850. Guys I must thank you for replaying, I’m kind of new to forums and this is the biggest reply on a topic I’ve ever got so far and I appreciate it.
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