RivaTuner 2.08 issue (change in frequency will not stick)

Please help me.

I'm using windows vista ultimate 64bit with a geforce 8800gtx (169.44)...

my computer was quite happily overclocked to 648mhz/1022mhz core/mem but all the sudden today it started giving me very dark screen in warcraft3.

i checked out other games, they ran fine but then i checked rivatuner and it had gone back to 576/900 core/mem.

whatever frequencies i set them at, as soon as i press "OK" i can see it reverting back to default 576/900 for a split second before closing the window. it will not accept the frequencies that i enter.

so far i have looked through google results and realise the driver signing issues, tried going back to older 169.25, trying that new 174.x, tried older rivatuner2.07 and 2.03, tried ntune but the same problem...

overclock settings just will not stay.

have I fried my graphics card? is that why it was happily oc'ing before and now its not? i did notice artifacts whilst playing crysis at 1900x1200 high

please help me!!
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  1. anyone else had this problem before??
  2. nevermind, through taking my year old gfx card out, cleaning it, refitting it and ensuring all connections its now working fine :/
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