help: need case big enough for motherboard and gpus

I ran into a problem that I can't believe is rare, but I haven't found anything about how to solve it.

I have an Antec P180 case, 2 new XFX 8800 Ultra gpus, and a new Evga 680i sli motherboard. When I install the motherboard and cards in the case, the power cables from my PC&C psu don't leave enough room for the 2nd gpu to function. It barely fits, but I'm afraid the cables will hit the card's fan. It's a TIGHT fit--and they are right up against it. Remember--the P180 has that 2nd chamber for the psu, and cables have to snake up through a smallish hole into the main chamber.

This has made me wonder if I should get a new case. But I would want a case that is quiet like the P180 and doesn't cause this problem. I have considered the Coolermaster Cosmos 1000, but people say it runs hot, and I can't tell from reviews whether I'd still face this problem.

I would appreciate any and all useful suggestions.

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  1. Give PC Power&cooling a call. They probably will ship you some cable extenders or have some other solution. I have called them before, and a real person answers, they can put a tech on the phone quickly if needed. All in all, a very helpful outfit.

    ---good luck---
  2. like geofelt suggested - get extension cable(s):
  3. Hey guys this is a great idea. Problem though isn't that the cables are too short, but that the evga motherboard places the 2nd pci-e slot too close to the hole between the P180's 2 compartments--so the cables, which must fit through that little hole, are pressing against the 8800 ultra card. The card is VERY fat--maybe an inch thick!

    So this really is a question it seems like of getting a different case (sadly b/c the P180 is a nice one). That is, a case that won't squeeze the cables right next to that slot.

    Still, I appreciate your suggestion and will call the company to see if they suggest anything.

    But I could use recommendations for a replacement case.
  4. Well the obvious answer would be, can you/would you be willing to use a dremel? If so it wouldn't be to hard to fix at all.
  5. Hehe lol.... make it fit.... Its ok to have cables pressing against components aslong as they dont obstruct moving parts/fans or heatsinks......

    Modify the case :pt1cable:
  6. 2 solution you maybe able to fit inside the roomy cooler master wave master, which looks nice and perform very well!!

    or failing that go for the stacker yet to see something that cant be put inside that castle without room to spare
  7. WazzaUK said:
    Hehe lol.... make it fit.... Its ok to have cables pressing against components aslong as they dont obstruct moving parts/fans or heatsinks......

    This is the whole issue: the 8800 ultra has a whopping big fan which just happens to stare directly at the hole where the cables extrude. No way to work around the cables whacking against the fan--especially that big one that's the main power cable.
  8. Can you post a picture of the problem?

    That mobo has the second pci-e slot located unusually close to the bottom, causing your problem. Can you remove the sliding covers that go between the top and the bottom to give you a bit more room. That will open up the opening just in front of the drive bays. Remove the lower fan, to give you a place to pass the power cables through the forward part of the opening. Don't worry, the PSU fan will be enough to keep the lower chamber ventilated. To get a bit of extra room, keep those sliding covers off, and seal the opening with duct tape. Plan "B" is to dremel out a passageway for the needed cables. It would be a shame to have to abandon such a nice case.
  9. Quote:
    Plan "B" is to dremel out a passageway for the needed cables.

    chop it lol....
  10. I had to drill my "floor" between the lower and middle compartments to get my watercooling pipes through to the gpu.

    I was also able to run two power wires out the right side of the case, and back through where the second hard drive cage was. Tight fit with the right side cover, but doable. I don't use that middle cage, so it is out to give the 8800 GTX room to stretch, and my resovoir fits there with my excess cabling, above the additional radiator and 120 fan I have there.

    Don't forget to remove the Northbridge and Southbridge, remove that hunk o' goo they put on there, and replace with Artic Silver 5. Dropped my board temps by 5c. My 680i now runs much cooler.
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