I want to build a 3.0 ghz Q6600 computer for less than $400

overclocked of course

I'm willing to spend $400 tops for:
[cpp]1. Q6600
2. fan/heat sink
3. motherboard (ATX, 4 memory slots, supports at least 8 gigs of ram)
4. power supply[/cpp]
I already have the other components

So assuming the Q6600 G0 can be had for $260, that leaves $140 for a MoBo, PSU, and heat sink/fan. Can anyone recommend a combination of those three items which will handle a 3.0 ghz Q6600 for 24/7/365 without any hiccups? The primary purpose of this computer is to be a web server (LAMP setup) so stability is key

Oh and I have a random question about graphics cards: I'd also like to be able to use a GUI operating system simultaneously. Should I get a dedicated graphics card?

Thanks for the help!
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  1. That is a very tight budget that you have going on there. If I was you, I would throw out the plans for the heat sink/fan. I mean, a good $70 MOBO/PSU will be hard enough.

    Do you need any special functions on your mobo? What are your other components going to be(so we know how many watts to get)?
  2. hey thanks for the fast reply

    no special functions. I'll be running a 10k raptor and that's about it. I might not even get a dedicated graphics card as the computer will be used for Web Hosting/Browsing the web/Watching videos. Oh and it's $140 for a mobo/psu/heatsink-fan, not $70
  3. Well, I just split the $140 up into 2 $70 segments because the mobo and psu are equally(some will argue with this) important.

    You might be able to get away with an antec 450W or Corsair 450W PSU...which should cost ~$70.

    I've never really had a build with integrated graphics, so I'll have to look into the mobo choices.
  4. This is impossible budget. Buy a QUAD Celeron.
  5. If it is a web server, why do you need a quad processor?

    You already have memory?
  6. Well

    Q6600, $279.99

    Intel Stock = $0.00
    Use Intel stock heatsink up to 3.0 OC, just drop the voltage in bios, it’ll be fine.

    Mobo, Asus P5K SE (P35) = $67.99

    Enermax 350w, $54.99

    I tried my Enermax 350w with my Quad at 3.0 with AIW 9800pro, and absolutely rock stable. 350w is plenty. It has 26A on the 12v rail. Little power house.

    Total, 402.97 (close enough) ;)
  7. Recommendation,
    Honestly, Q6600 for a server, is overkill.

    You could use;

    Core E6550, for $174.99

    or, better still, E4500 for $127.99


    Will, still be plenty for your purposes!
  8. Do you have the memory, CD-Rom drive?
  9. @ Dr. MaV: The Q6600 you linked is OEM, without a heatsink/fan. He won't have any Intel stock heatsink to use if he buys that one ;-).


    @OP: You should check out this Xeon quad processor, it's only $250 and it can be overclocked to 3 GHz on the stock cooling. I gave you the clubit link because they are guaranteeing the G0 stepping for the same price as Newegg. Just an FYI, it's the same core as the Q6600, and it will still work on any quad-core supporting motherboard.
  10. speed, quality, price: pick any two.
  11. Oops, thanks Avenger, I just corrected it!

    Good call on the "Intel Xeon X3210 Kentsfield 2.13GHz"
  12. For something that needs to be ran 24/7, you might want to save more money. Then again, a Q6600 is overkill just for the web. Might want to look towards the E21XX series of CPU's, which will only cost around $100 versus $250.
  13. I agree a Q6600 for a web server is good, but you can get the same stable performance from a dual core. The E21xx, or the E4xxx series is a good buy, plus something like an E4400 has an unlocked multiplier (10x), so you could overclock quite easily. $400 is kinda tight, esspecially when you want a quality PSU. Though you maybe able to find a corsair or antec type of psu for $60-$70. good luck.
  14. runswindows95 said:
    For something that needs to be ran 24/7, you might want to save more money. Then again, a Q6600 is overkill just for the web. Might want to look towards the E21XX series of CPU's, which will only cost around $100 versus $250.

    I agree. No combination of office work, watching movies, and browsing the web all at once will make complete use of all 4 cores. If it's for a future build, then go ahead and buy it knowing you'll use it later. If not, buy a cheaper Core 2 Duo, or the afore mentioned Dual Core Pentium.
  15. As someone else already asked...

    Did you plan on adding any RAM to this build? Because, like, if you don't have RAM, it won't run...that sort of thing.

    Good luck with that.
  16. yea i do have RAM, 4x 1 gig sticks

    and no a q6600 is not overkill for a web server! are ya **** me?! this is for a photo sharing web site and i intend to handle quite a few users. essentially a shiite load of simultaneous mysql queries. more processing power the better.

    how about this build:
    1. q6600 - $265 http://www.chiefvalue.com/product/productdetails.aspx?submit=&item=CE00043921010060&ATTProcessors
    2. COOLER MASTER RR-CCH-L9U1-GP - $5 (after MIR)
    3. gigabyte p35 - $95 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128059
    4. Thermaltake TR2 - $28 (after MIR)

    comes out to about $393, probably more for shipping/taxes... but more importantly: could it sustain an overclocked q6600 at stable temps for 24/7?
  17. Short of stealing components, I don't know of anything that would fit the problem that I could recommend with a clean conscience.
  18. You dont need an after market cooler for the q6600 @ 3ghz.
    Pick a different psu... do you honestly trust a $40 to handle such important data? I know I wouldnt.

    And you still need some sort of graphics output... the p35 does not have built in graphics (which would be more than sufficient for your needs).
  19. Really? So the stock fan/heat sink is perfectly fine for stable temperatures of a 3ghz q6600?
  20. uh, you don't need to overclock the Q6600 at all, or really need the quad. A better internet connection is something worth spending on instead, any good dual core with integrated graphics will work. The raptor also, that will run out of space real fast.
  21. i'm already on a god-like connection at my university and yes we're allowed to host a server on it.

    and let's just say i want to overclock it, is the stock fan/sink fine?
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