Is my CPU holding my GPU back?

So I got a 8800GT awhile ago. I have mixed feelings on it right now, it runs some games better and some games not nearly aswell as I thought it would (Oblivion mostly). So someone suggested I do a 3dmark06 test and my score was 9420.

My other specs are:

AMD 64 X2 5200
3 gigs DDR2
M2NPV-VM Motherboard

Someone suggested that its my CPU holding back my score but I am not so sure. I know it's not top of the line but I wouldn't have pegged it as my weakest link right now.

Is it possible that the motherboard could be holding my card back? It's by no means a gaming board, not even SLI'able.

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Hmm, that's a little odd. I have an Old GTS and less powerful CPU, but I get a little over 10k on my 3dmark. (Specs in sig - not using SLI either even though I have an SLI board :p)
  2. In the prey demo (THG's) it shows 20+% using a 5200 vs a C2D at 3gigs. Itll bring out more with a better chip, but less and less as the res goes up. What res are you gaming at?
  3. 1280x1024. I haven't played any graphic hogs like Crysis yet that has higher res options.
  4. Tbh, if nothing is overclocked, that score is very accurate. Look around for more scores with your specs w/o cpu overclocking. You'l find they are very simular.
  5. Yeah what blacken said. If that cpu isn't overclocked, it's probably bottlenecking the vidcard.
  6. that score is about on par for what your systems is...yes your getting a bit of bottle neck but when the 8800gtx's came out even the best cpu bottle necked them a year ago and the gt scores very similarly so i wouldn't worry to much.
  7. Its bottlenecking but it'll be small on most real games, so dw about it.
  8. completely possible
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