Very low 3D mark score for Q6600

I recently ran 3d mark 06 and got 3346 for my cpu score. This is quite a bit lower than the bulk of the other q6600 scores they have on their website. My graphics scores are kinda low (2388 for SM2.0 and 2097 for SM3.0) but i figure thats because my gpu isn't that great. That makes a total score of 5897, which seems very low for my system (its the lowest of those who have a q6600 and an 8600GTS with two gigs of ram. What may I do to improve my CPU score?

I am running a q6600 at 2.55 Ghz, on a Foxconn C55A01 (680i) with 2 gigs of DDR2 running at 800 Mhz and a MSI made 8600GTS. Also, my OS is Vista Ultimate 32bit.
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  1. Does your OS recognise all 4 cores?
  2. As far as I am aware it does. Looking at the task manager shows four cores, and using coretemp also shows all four cores.
  3. up to date drivers? Check you task manager while running it to see if all cores are maxed out and or in use.
  4. Your 8600 and maybe the Vista drivers are holding you back. My FX60/8800GTS 640 OC running XP pro only gets 2200 cpu score but my SM3 and SM2 are 4500+ for a 9883 3Dmark06 score. Your cpu score isn't all that bad either considering you are only at 2.55ghz.
  5. I had a similar issue when I upgraded from a Dual to a Quad core configuration. In BIOS, cores 0 and 1 were enabled and cores 2 and 3 were disabled. Enabled all four and oddly enough, doubled my CPU score.

    If that doesn't work, try refreshing your mainboard drivers.
  6. All four cores appear to be working. I did enable all four in the bios, and when running 3d mark all four cores max out (according to task manager). My drivers are the latest from nvidia for the chipset, the ones put out by the board manufacturer are considerably older.
  7. If your drivers are all current, have you tried running a registry cleaner? Your overall score is still crippled by your video card, however.
  8. Yes, the drivers are the newest. My concern is not the total score or either of the graphics scores--it is only the processor score.
  9. HI Rick

    I build & sell and also work as a reviewer / tester. Your CPU score for a q6600 is not low. Its where it should be.The only way you will get a higher score would be to overclock it to 2.8 GHz or 3.0.GHz. Now i own 4 machines,with three that are used for testing hardware. I am running one QX6850 / two QX6800s / and a e6750 thats OCed to 3.86GHz They all score anywhere from 5600 - 7000 for CPU scores. You really need to sell your 8600GTS, and buy a 800GT KO or 8800GT SSC. Going to SLI would also be a wise move. Now getting back to your Q6600, does it have G0 stepping or B3? You should be able to hit at least 3.2GHz running stable. You will need good cooling to do so.I just reviewed CoolIt Systems new Freezone Elite, and with one of my QX6800s OCed to 3.51GHz, temps never went above 34c even after being underload for 36hrs. If you can afford one,this would be the cooler to get.It installs in under 25mins and you never have to check the coolent. Its maintance free. Their Eliminator which is the cheapest model would also do a great job cooling as long as you replace the stock 92mm fan with a 120mm. They have now done this on the Elite and it made a big diff. They are also coming out with an entry model called the PURE CPU cooler. I have not had a chance to test this yet. I am waiting for them to send me their new Boreas 12 TEC chiller that comes pre-installed in a sliverstone TJ-07 case,which i should have here in my lab some time next week for testing, then the review. You should stay intouch, i always have good deals on hardware. I just sold a 1 week old QX6800 for $500,and might have another one for sale at the same price. At the moment i also have two 850w Power Supplys for sale. One is a PC Power & Cooling that retails for $469.99 which i will sell for $170. There is also a 850w CoolerMaster for $120. These were just used for testing and review, thats it. Try going up a little more on the Q6600 if you want a higher score,just make sure that its cooled the way it should be. A stock Intel X6800 scores around 3200 so you really have nothing to worryabout, your doing fine.


    I am running a q6600 at 2.55 Ghz, on a Foxconn C55A01 (680i) with 2 gigs of DDR2 running at 800 Mhz and a MSI made 8600GTS. Also, my OS is Vista Ultimate 32bit.
  10. Yes, yes, I know my 8600gts is holding me back, but most of my time is spent doing computational fluid dynamics and I do not do enough gaming to justify an 8800gt--certainly not with the 9 series coming soon.
    I am glad to know that it is where it should be, thank you.
  11. As most have adviced your 8600 is not a high end video card so expecting a high score regardless of CPU does not make sense. 3Dmark06 is mainly a test of your Graphics, GPU, only weighed partially by your CPU performance. It will be the GPU that is mainly benchmarked by 3dmark. 8600 is your weakest link...goodbye
  12. my concern, again, is not with the overall score--merely with the CPU subscore. I have no interest in the gpu scores, since as I noted previously, my primary use for my computer has nothing to do with graphics (CFD).
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