(Update: RMA) FreezerPro7 came w/o paste; should I use OLD AS5 tube?

DANGIT!! Curse the build gods!

I thought the AC FreezerPro7 came w/ thermal paste on it already, but mine shipped without. I hadn't counted on needing any thermal paste then, so I didn't order any with new build.

So..I remember having a tube of Artic Silver 5 that's a few years old in my ATTIC, yes in the attic!

3 questions if you please;

1-Do you guys think this tube (Artic Silver 5) is still good? Maybe just squirt a little out that's in the end that may be dried up, but the the rest should be fine all these years, right?

2-Also, that bottom few blades on the heatsink on this thing are bent, but in NewEgg's picture they look bent too; I take it this is normal?

3-Any good guides or tips about applying this thermal paste? Never did it before; afraid of putting too much or too little on, whether to spread it out first or not, or just a dot (grain of rice size) in the middle, etc..

FYI - This heatsink/fan is for a E2160 that I plan on over clocking. My first build in YEARS, my first overclock ever, and first time applying this paste (I didn't have to use it last time!)


I looked at this heatsink again, and there's thermal paste residue on the side of the heatsink, got all over my hands.. and I looked at pictures of other Freezer 7's online, and the heatsink blades are definately sloped downward, but mine look like they've been chewed on, they're mangled and pushed down almost straight down, not sloped at all. WTF?

Does anyone know if this really is supposed to come with thermal paste on it already? Looks like the paste on this one got cleaned off (sorta) and the whole thing got re-packaged several times which cause the push-pins to push against the heatsink "blades", thus causing them to bend in a way they're not supposed to.

Really, really, really disappointed in this thing. Thus far, I wouldn't tell anyone to get it. Now, I'm stuck with the stock cooler unless I want to wait a few days for RMA.... what a PAIN. :(

Thanks guys,

-Flustered builder
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  1. 1.) I think it's fine. Might as well try, no harm will be done. If the whole thing is dried up, then obviously you can't use it.

    2.) Yeah, this is to direct the airflow to the mobo.

    3.) Depends on what you like to do. I just place a dot in the middle (like 2 grains of rice) and place the heatsink right over it. Then I remove it and see that it has been properly spread. Some others like to spread it with a credit card.
  2. Thanks; I'll give it a shot with the old tube o' paste, if it looks...dry or bad I guess, I'll pick up some tomorrow at CompUSA (it's all I got near me!)..
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