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I will be building my first rig between around the 2nd/3rd week of December. I cant wait for anything to come out past that time frame. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Uses: Gaming
Budget: $2500 or less
This build will need everything except a sound card. (Monitor, OS, Keyboard, mouse, ect...)
I'm not going to overclock right now.
I want this to be as future proof as possible, i.e. able to upgade parts multiple times before a total overhaul.

Here is my list of parts so far:

Case: Collermaster RC690 Mid Tower - $80

MOBO: ASUS Maximus Formula LGA 775 X38 - $280

CPU: Intel Q6600 - $280

RAM: G.Skill 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2-800 - $170

GPU: EVGA 8800GT 512MB - ~$300 (I heard that the G92 GTS comes out on Dec 3rd is that true?)

HDD: WD Caviar 500GB 7200rpm WD WD5000AAKS - $105

PS: PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750Quad (750W) - $180

Monitor: Samsung 225B 22" 5ms Widescreen LCD - $290

OS: Vista Home Premium 64-bit OEM - $112

CPU cooler: Tuniq Tower 120 - $45

Optical Drive: Samsung SH-S203B retail - $32

Mouse: Logitech MX518 - $40

Keyboard: Logitech 104key USB - $10

Artic SIlver 5 - $6

Total: $1930
Well under budget right now.

If I get the EVGA 8800gt now I could step up to a G92 GTS or GTX later.
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  1. The only thing i will suggest is the P5E instead of Maximus as its cheaper for not much less (quick look i think minus a lan port).

    The PSU is a bit of overkill for that rig but if you are upgrading in the near future it maybe with it. Solid PSU though ;)

    If you want to spend the rest of the budget id add some speakers, possibly Logitech Z-5500's but other than that it looks awesome.
  2. Keep the power supply it's good. If your gonna Vista might as well go the way with Ultimate 64x. Are you spending as little as possible? or is the limit $2500. Cuz I'm pretty sure you can SLI the 8800GTs with that budget. And 24" screen.
  3. If you can shop at newegg, get these deals:

    I agree with above comments. For $2500, you can buy a 8800GT SLI PC. You're overspending on the mobo & PSU. A basic 8800GT PC can be had for about $700 before tax & ship.
  4. I just bought a EVGA 8800gt. Had to jump on it while it was in stock. I'm going to pass on SLI as I don't consider it a very good value and also that would mean an old 680i mobo.

    I'll take a look at the P5E. $2500 is the max, but around $2000 is the sweet spot.
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