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I need to know what video card to get

I am not a huge computer guy but ill admit that i play quite a few games. A while back I got a computer (Info Below) and now I am tired of buying games and them not working because of not having pixel shader or simply not supporting the games.
My computer: Dell Inspiron 530S
DirectX version 10.0
Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Family Chipset

What should I do? Please Help!
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  1. What do you have for a PSU!
  2. Dont mean to sound stupid, but what is a PSU???
    Again, im not a computer guy.
  3. Power supply !
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    It is a slim tower which only fits low profile gpu and comes with a delta 250w psu. Your options are really limited.

    Just drop the vag connection and put in low profile bracket. Hope that you use DVI or HDMI for your monitor.
  5. Plus 1^ my brother has that one in his sff hp!
  6. Do u mean a VGA connection? What is wrong if I dont use DVI or HDMI for my monitor bc I have an older monitor, and if I dont use them is there something I can do for it? and your suggestion would be the video card in the link you posted? and finally would this new card have at least 1.1 pixel shader? Thanks.
  7. Yes, I mean vga connect. To fit the card into your slim tower, you have to unplug the vga socket on the card and install the low profile bracket which comes with the card. So you have to use dvi or hdmi connection. I am not sure if they provide you with a dvi to vga adapter but they are cheap anyway. But if your monitor have dvi or hdmi, then you don't have to buy more stuff if the adapter is not included. Its a dx11 card with pixel shader 5.
  8. thanks so much if this works then you have helped me so much. Just a couple more questions though. So if i have no DVI and HDMI for my monitor then i have to just buy a VGA adapter and it will work? And your pretty confident that the card you recommended to me will install and work on my vista? Sorry for all the questions but I just dont want to buy another thing for my vista that will not work. Thanks again you have been so helpful.
  9. I am confident that they will work without issue.
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  11. last question, will the installation of the new graphics card affect the other games or memory on my computer?
  12. NO,it will actually help!
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