VID Poll! Place your guess here! Step right up, dont be shy...

Hey, believe it or not, traded my b3 q6600 and a mobo i dont use for a new retail G0! Place your guess on its VID here! I am dead a$$ tired, so I am not gonna mess with it tonight! But here soon I will. Wonder if anyone will get the right VID!

Oh, Jesus let it be a 1.1800 VID! Is that to much to ask??

Good luck with yer guesses. The winner can get a giant stuffed banana as prize if they ever near Seattle!

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  1. whoi cares? vid is so unimportant!
  2. ::Scratches his head.:: And whoi sir, are you?
  3. VID not important lol......
  4. Noooo, 1.3?? That blows! I am gonna pop her open in about an hour and see! Please be good, please be low! All nice and new in yer box, sealed up by intel with an un known VID!

    You have to remember, no many people have a clue what a VID is given for! And why they are so low, as well as high!

    Guess when you build on a level with 500 million lil thingies stuck on a half inch square, you kinda have a tendency to do your own thing. As such, some pass all of intels testing at a low voltage!

  5. Yup, 1.3000! All the people who have bought them recently seem to get the 1.300 too. How odd. Playing with it now!

    I wanted a 1.18000!

  6. 1.3V as you know already!lol or you forgotten already?
  7. Sorry to hear about that Lupi. Better luck next time I suppose.
  8. Lupiron said:
    ::Scratches his head.:: And whoi sir, are you?

    there is no relationship with vid and overclocking that i know of - if you do then send me a link?

    low voltage usage and properly tuning are slightly related but very little, vid is more important for servers
  9. I'll tell you right now that my G0 1.2625 vs the 1.3000, its very easy to see that the lower vid one OCs better. I suppose it could be just coincidence. Thats always a possibility.

    But it seems to fit the voltage patterns that I see pretty well. I've noticed that you reach a point on the q6600 where it simply needs alot more voltage than speed gains. For instance, at about 3.6, the voltage needs of my 1.2625 processor hits that area where it takes alot to reach higher speeds. (3.6 is 1.38 loaded to be stable, and at 3.8 it needs 1.489 or so Loaded to be stable at 3.8.

    So its great up to 3.6, but tough on it up farther. The 1.3000 one seems to reach this area sooner. And to even get 3.6 it needs 1.43 or a lil more to be stable, only at 3 hours so far on small ftts. Though up till near 3.4 you get great voltage to speed gains. After wards it needs more voltage to get the higher speeds.

    I suppose it may not be the VID at all. But if I had the same processor as you, and started at 1.2500 vs 1.3000 thats like 10 voltage notches you dont have that I would! And at 1.3000 my lower VID one would already be stable at 3.0 or a bit higher.

    Now since they are all rated at 1.5 volts max, to reach the max voltage while OCing, the higher VID gets there way sooner, therefor limiting the OC. (Yes, the processors can at least take 1.78 in windows, dont ask how I know, and they can take 100c before turning off.)

    You can always go over the safety limits of what most others do, if you want to, and reach higher speeds. But as far as the better processor goes, I would hand it to the lower VID. Lower VID = less voltage and heat at whatever speed.

    Then again, I have only got what others say, and what they report about their OC, and the VID of their quad. I personally have only tested 3. I will tell you what, the 1.3125 VID B3 I had was friggin' hot at any OC, lol!

  10. dragonsprayer said:
    there is no relationship with vid and overclocking that i know of - if you do then send me a link?

    low voltage usage and properly tuning are slightly related but very little, vid is more important for servers

    It seems as if there is a relationship, although I don't know if low VID causes better OCing. Is there something that accompanies low VID that possibly causes better OC? I wish to see more details on this.

    Now, you asked for proof. I don't think anybody has it. So instead, let me ask you to prove that there isn't any relationship. Perhaps a link of an article?
  11. I am gonna get it! Proof! And 4.0 on air! Thats 16 notches in the Bios that my 1.3000 doesnt have access to, and 9 that my 1.2625 doesnt have access to!
    Its stock voltage is 1.5 in windows, lol! I thought speed step was on!!

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