8800 GTS SSC with 112 SP

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  1. i hate fudzilla.com with a passion. they lie, guess, and don't know what they are talking about. They make horrible suggestion as well - in that article he said that a 8800GTS SSC 640MB (G80), the fastest version of the current 8800GTS, is worth buying over the 8800GT even though its 100 pounds more because it can BEARLY beat the 8800GT on SOME tests by about 1-2 FPS...does that make sense to you? This isn't even the G92 core...its the G80...he misleads you in the beginning...

    "However, is it worth it? Although 8800 GTS SSC beats the old 8800 GTS by a handful and scores great at high resolutions, 8800 GT is still a direct competitor. For almost €100 less, you can find a standard edition 8800 GT card, and at standard resolutions it will perform just as well as 8800 GTS with 112 Stream processors. We still don’t know how 8800 GTS based on G92 performs, but it will soon be here, and it will definitely beat 8800 GT.

    If you want a good card that won’t fail you with newer games, then EVGA GTS SSC is here and it’s priced at around €380. With bundled Crysis, EVGA 8800 GTS, SSC is a good choice, and you probably won’t regret it because it outperforms 8800 GT cards."

    He even confuses himself. He first says the 8800GT is G80, then he says that it is G92, which it is.

    "The new 8800 GT’s are still based on the good old G80, but the word is out that we’ll soon see 8800 GTS cards based on G92 core, in the first half of December nevertheless."

    "All this points to 8800 GTS SSC as a winner, but G92 core on 8800 GT is better optimized and packs a better video engine. "

    GOD i hate fudzilla.com...
  2. We have talked about this card many times. It's about equal to an 8800GT at low res and pulls ahead at high res. It also has a quieter & better performing dual slot cooler that I personally prefer. Considering current GT supply and prices it's not all too bad a buy either. I actually ordered one from ZZF for $345, but cancelled the order before it shipped because I found 2 8800GT's for $249 each the next day. I'd rather have the GTS SSC, but not for $100 more.

    BTW, I like Fudzilla. Not as a review site, but I greatly value the effort Fudo puts out to try and inform us of the rumors abroad. Take it for what it is, but It's a daily must read site for me.
  3. im planning to get the gts my case has severe cooling issues and i might go sli in future the gts is only $nz580 $nz630 with crysis and the gt xx edition is $nz560 i dont want a gt cos of the single slot cooler
  4. The GT's i've seen for North America and Euro are more like 280-285 that is why i mention this card. Also in SLI i think this would make more sense then the GT. I game at very high res which is also a reason i think about this card. I'm very very curious about the G92 core, just wondering what you guys thought about it. I am waiting waiting, but will definately purchase something in the new year.i don't want to wait till next spring for the next gen units, since i have a feeling they will only by X2's and Onboard SLI's...

    Thanks for the insight !
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