E6660 or E6550

Which CPU is better. Toms CPU charts shows that two CPU are similar in performance. In most cases E6550 is slightly better than E6600. But E6660 is more expensive than E6550. What would be the reason. What is the better CPU (Performance/Over Clocking etc.)
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  1. The reason that E6600 is more expensive is that intel wants its customers to buy 1333MHZ CPUs instead of 1066MHZ CPUs (with the exception of Q6600)

    I say get the E6550, it will OC better too
  2. I thought E6600 has a better OC capability since its clock speed is lower and Mobos does not have work @ higher FSB speeds. I am wondering why intel promotes 1333MHz. I have read that E6600 is more stable when overclocked. What would you recomhttp://img.tomshardware.com/forum/uk/icones/smilies/sarcastic.gif
    :sarcastic:mend with E6550, 800MHz RAM or 1066MHz RAM?
  3. 1333MHZ CPUs OC better than 1066MHZ CPUs
    also E6600 is @ 2.4 and E6550 is @ 2.3
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