$1,000 budget for gaming computer made by friends

I have the current specs for my new gaming computer and I'm wondering if you guys have any suggestions about how to make the rig better without going too far over the budget. I'll be playing mostly games like Unreal Tournament III, Call of Duty 4.

Here's the current specs:

ThermalTake DX Black ATX Case w/ Window

Intel Pentium 3.0Ghz Dual-Core Processor

ASUS 650i Motherboard

2.0Mb Dual-Channel DDR2 800Mhz Memory

ATI Memory Coolers

320Gb SATA-II Hard Drive w/ 16Mb Cache

Hard Drive Cooler w/ Heat Pipes

DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Burner

nVidia GeForce 8600GT 512Mb Video Card (PCI Express)

Lighting & Cabling Kit

Flash Card Reader

TOTAL $1,000

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Ewwww...that seems to be overpriced.

    -Pentium. No. You are going to want something like a Core 2 Duo.

    Really, just put some parts together at newegg and then tell your friend to build it from those parts at those prices.
  2. Thanks for the reply, ill be sure to mention the core 2 duo to them.

    P.S. I live in Alaska and Newegg doesn't ship to Alaska :(
  3. Aye, I just though your friend might be ripping you off.

    Living in alaska, you might have to pay more for technology and therefore settle for less than stateside residents.

    Do you have a website that you are ordering from? If so, we could price out a system for you.

    P.S. Welcome to the forums.
  4. Oh ya np

    Hmm, well they have their own computer business so I'm not sure where they get it all from, but I'm not sure of a site that accommodates Alaskan residents, mostly because I'm new to computer building. Maybe you can recommend one and help me by pricing it out. That would be great.
  5. Also, if anyone has more suggestions with other tweaks to which items I should get, it would be greatly appreciated.

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