What do you guys think of this new build?

I'm on a fairly tight $1100 budget.

Graphics Card: Radeon 3870 ($220)
Processor: Intel Q6600 ($280)
RAM: G.Skill 2 GB (2x1) RAM ($120)
160 gig Hard Disk ($50)
Power Supply: OCZ GameXStream ($110)
Monitor: 17 Inch Acer ($170)
Motherboard: Intel BOXDG33FBC ($95)
Case (2x120mm fans) ($55)
Keyboard/Mouse: Mouse/Keyboard combo
($20)Speakers: Logitech 4-watt ($10)
CD Drive ($30)

Any suggestions on things to change? I'm fairly inexperienced in this kind of thing so I wanted multiple opinions before deciding. Do you think I need any more fans?
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  1. I'm probably going to get higher quality speakers and keyboard.
  2. Ditch the intel motherboard and go with a asus, abit, or gigabyte P35 chipset board. Go for the cheaper intel 6750 cpu and up your graphics card to an 8800gt. Do you play games? Most games dont take advantage of quad core right now so the 6750 dual core will do fine for less money. The 8800gt is faster than the 3870 and is about $300.
  3. your links doesnt work :(

    looks fine however if u can , get the 8800GT instead, its better
    get a P35 board if u can like P35 DS3R or ASUS P5K
  4. Oh yeah, there's just some crap at the beginning of the links that you should able to delete. I swapped the Q6600 for the E6750, however I'd like to know if it would be worth the extra money for the upgraded motherboard or the 8800GT since the 3870 seems to do fine and is quite a bit cheaper. I'd like to get the price under or at least close to $1000 if possible. I play games a fair amount so I don't need something that's going to max out everything but just a card that gives me good results without paying very much. The 3870's $220 price seemed right down my alley but I'll upgrade to the 8800GT if it's necessary.

    Also, what's so bad about open box motherboards?
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