NTFS image over fat32 HD?

Hi guys I have a question and would like some help with this pls. A few weeks back my hard disk died. It was a maxtor sata II 80g and I had 2 partitions on it. Anway luckily for me I have a ghost image of the C partition and still have all my documents.

This week I bought myself a new hard disk a maxtor II 80g but with slight differences in appearance and serial numbers etc.

Now my problem is this, when I made an image of the drive it was NTFS. My new hard disk is Fat32. I've uploaded the image onto the new drive but getting some crazy errors while using windows, like for instance when I've tried to copy files from my Freecome external HD the copy process gets slower and slower and takes like an hour to copy 100mb which is only like one music cd :??:

Eventually the copy fails and says "Unable to copy file. Disk appears invalid or corrupted". After which windows wont load and gives the same error when attempting to boot the PC up.

Now when I partitioned the new drive, I made the C partition the same as the old drive, set at 15%, and D set at 85%. My second guess was that perhaps the ghost image is not the correct size, perhaps too big or too small because I tried running Partition doctor and that started telling me "bla bla drive 1 is supposed to be 2458474 sectors yet its set at 2448474 sectors would u like to correct this? I tried to correct and rebooted by PC wouldn't load windows after that and just kept restarting and showing bios screen over and over, which made me start thinking that its a fat32/ntfs issue.

The other thing I thought was that perhaps just slapping the old image onto a new disc is not the way its supposed to be done and perhaps each image is unique to the disk it was ghosted from?

Anway I would appreciate some feedback on this because I'm STUMPED :)
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  1. The format of the image should not matter. I would recommend though, that you make the new disk NTFS as well for performance reasons. Also, the size of the new partition shouldn't matter as long as it is the same or larger than the image. I would partition the new drive with the C partition slightly larger than before and make it NTFS. If you still have problems you can try to do a repair installation with the windows boot disc.
  2. Thanks for that I'll try that!

    One other thing I must point out is that in the BIOS the hard disk isn't labelled anything remotely as what it usually is. Usually it has some name like "Maxtor etc etc", instead now its just Via "SATA Hard Drive".

    Now I'm not computer wiz but my theory is perhaps the new hard disk isn't properly installed on either Windows XP or the BIOS or both?
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