Touble with Dell XP pro key

I am refurbing an old Dell with an XP pro product key sticker. (keeping all original dell internals, but put in more memory and a vid card)

This comp was in a Dr's office, so I deleted the partitions and reformated, so there is no going back.

I don't have the Dell disks, and quite frankly don't want dell bloatware installed.

I slapped in a XP pro SP3 install disk, and it doesn't like the key?
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  1. Most likely you are mixing Retail and OEM Product Key and Install Discs.

    The Dell Product key will likely work if you use an OEM XP Pro Install Disc. I am thinking that the Disc you used is a Retail or Volume License Install Disc
  2. I could have sworn I've used retail disks with crap-in-a-box keys before
  3. Maybe. It is real hard to say something can't be done with computers, but I know that I have the same issue with HP products when the client can't find their disc or the hard drive restore can not be done because the drive completely dies. I always have to grab the OEM version to reinstall and use their Product Key. This also happens in organizations that have volume licensing version. You have to use the volume licensing disc with the volume licensing key.

    Cheers! [:digitalprospecter:3]
  4. Your first smiley!! Let's have tea together!
  5. The Dell COA needs to match the same version of XP that you've installed.
  6. Just borrow a Dell Windows XP Pro CD and you won't even need the key.
  7. That's true Grumpy9117, unless you try to use that Dell Windows XP Pro CD on a non-Dell computer. Then it will ask you for a key.
  8. ya, I grabbed a Dell ISO from a torrent server. didn't ask for the key, but it did intall, so I guess its all good.

    and yes I was using XP pro numbers with an XP pro disk
  9. Hi groo,

    Glad you got it working. Just a head's up though... forum users are not allowed to talk about any methods that are not acceptable legal practices. In this case, since you have your COA, legally you are 'likely' ok.

    On another note, the Dell Installation CDs that don't require a product key have a key preprogrammed into the install. Dell must have licensed the right to do so from Microsoft. I have never seen it done with any other manufacturer.

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