Has anyone overclocked a 780G board yet?

The 780G seems to be available on micro-ATX, not typically known for overclocking. Has anyone here overclocked a board with this chipset on it yet, in particular using a discrete GPU? How did it go?
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  1. I know in the review Tom did a while back they were able to easily overclock the IGU from 500Mhz to 900Mhz rock solid and stable with a pretty significant performance gain. As far as overclocking CPU's, dunno about that one.
  2. but when overclock the IGPU you need active cooling on the chipset.and also let you know that a 128MB onboard memory is out also.
  3. There should be more 780G boards appearing soon. Just today a low end Biostar appeared on Newegg. There should be a lot more, though. I wonder what is taking them so long.
  4. Well, after that other thread about the 780G boards blowing with the latest Phenoms on them, overclocking is probably a really bad idea until they add more brawn to the PWM.
  5. a dual core athlon x2 is the best idea to go with the 780G board.
  6. The 780G boards died from the 6000+ cpu and above, so I suggest getting the low end x2's instead.
  7. anything under 100w will be fine.
  8. Wow, I really thought AMD was onto something for a minute...guess not.
  9. i really are impress with this board as well as i dont like amd processor.its got a powerful IGPU of any chipset on the market but also support all the display output of dvi vga hdmi anything you can imagine.

    but the new nvidia IGPU is about to come out as well.so i recomand just wait for a while see what nvidia can come up with.
  10. Well, anyone who wants to OC should go with Intel anways.
  11. yeah i agree!lol but i really interested to see what this thing can do with a athlon x2 4200 though!
  12. The nVidia 8200/8300 looks like a good match for this chipset, but I think they were too lazy to do a die shrink and are having some heat issues and driver issues. Still, it looks like it should be a good fight. Hopefully they'll get their's out very soon. I guess Intel should be mentioned, but their onboard had always been a joke and I imagine it may be again. We'll see.
  13. im leaning towards Nvidia anyway since their dedicated graphics is way better then AMD.But the result will speak for themselve!i will wait and see what comes up.Intel may surprise us at the end!who knows!lol
  14. Well, Anandtech's initial findings put the 780G and 8200 as about tied. Supposedly NVidia is writing a better driver for the 8200, so they may win in the end. At any rate it looks like it will be a good fight (which is always good for us :bounce: )
  15. but i heard the 8300 is the highest in the series for IGPU.but currently the 780G is indeed the most powerful chipset available for 3D graphics
  16. Yep, the 780G is definitely the best by far right now and AMD is enjoying it (the first crown retaken outright by AMD/ATI). I heard rumors of the 8300, but they were mostly just talking about it overheating :lol:
  17. lol we all love heated up dint we?hahaha
  18. I have an X2 4200 on the gigabyte version... overclocked from 2200 to 2553 stable..CPU runs warmer than on previous board though
  19. how much can you overclock the IGPU? can you achieve 1Ghz like on some website can?i just want to find out if in real life its achievable.
  20. Make sure you have good (NB) cooling before you try, though.
  21. yeah i forgot to mention that as well!thanks EXT64 i heard the NB produces alot of heat just the the Nforce 650i.the heatsink is like a frying pan!lol
  22. I've heard a lot of different things about it. First, it reads really hot, but if it really is isn't certain. I mean, the thing is supposed to pull less than a watt at idle yet it reports temps nearing 80C?!? That just doesn't seem right.

    Anyway, in a month or so I'll be building my 780G system and might try OCing it a little if you're still interested :D

  23. yeah i will be very interested to see.as i wanted to build a media pc.but play game with the IGPU is always a bonus!

    so when will you actually build it?what CPU will you drop in there?
  24. I'm running a X2 4800+ 2.5 running at about a 10% OC (~2.7) on stock cooling with no problems. About to replace it with an X3 2.4 and OC it with a xigmatek s-1283. Read before I bought it and saw alot of posts saying that it only supported up to about 100W TP for CPUs. X3s are 95W so should work fine, X4s are 125W I think and don't work.

    Not using the IGPU, so I don't know about it. Using a 3870.

    Forgot to mention I was using an Asus 780G board.
  25. I havent OCed the IGP at all but i have OCed my 6000+ to 3.37 and sucessfully ran 3dmark 06...
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