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Windows vista 64 bit only showing 3 5 gigs


I'm new to the forums, but after doing recent searching have had no choice but to finally ask away.

I'm running Windows Ultimate 64-bit (positive of this right clicked Computer>Info) and here is a screen shot of my CPUz information.



as you can see it shows a total of 4 gigs of ram. I am on a dell XPS 400 and to my knowledge bios shows it is 64 bit capable. The bios is updated to the latest version (A07) and shows 4 gigs total as well. Vista x64 Ultimate is up-to-date.

My graphics card is a Asus Nvidia Geforce 460 with 758mb of dedicated ram.

When I right click computer and see the information it only shows 3.5 gigs available.

I've searched the web but havn't found any clear or precise information. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys!
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  1. did you looked at the msconfig>advance options>maximum memory (untick)
  2. Yep. It's unticked at the moment.
  3. Can you flash your mobo with another bios?
  4. Thanks for sticking with this thread Pyree. Through a series of unintentional events I discovered the culprit. I was trying to install Microsoft Word, when I realized it wouldn't install because I didn't have Windows Vista SP1 (which was an honest mistake.) I realized my Windows Vista x64 Ultimate build was 6000, when it should be 6002. I downloaded SP2, realizing I need SP1 first. So just last night after I installed SP1, Vista is now showing the proper 4.00 gb's. I hope anyone who comes to this thread can get some help out of this, as I was starting to really get frustrated!
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    Ok good to hear you find a solution.
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