Cloned harddrive now users unable to view shared folders

I have used XXCLone to clone a HDD. This has worked well, so am happy with 2.5X the HDD capacity on my laptop.
Running XP Pro.
I now have a problem where other computers in the office are unable to view the contents of shared folders. Am NOT using "simple file sharing".

This was previously working.
Any suggestions?

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  1. I am not fimilar with XXClone, but i will make a suggestion. Try making a new share for a test folder and see if the other computers can see and access the new share. If so, then it is likely that some of the necessary permission were lost in the clone (though that would be odd). What prompted the need to clone? Were you out of disk space, having drive problems, or some other reason? Just wondering if the events leading to the imaging might have effected the shares prior to the clone.

    Is your office network a server/client or peer-to-peer configuration?
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