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I want to buy more RAM (I have Corsair TwinX DDR 2x 1GB 400MHz currently) and I've been wondering if it'll work with Corsair XMS2 Xtreme DDR2 1GB 675MHz? I've got Vista Home Premium, so even if it will there's a question if my OS can use it?

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  1. Vista actually needs STT-MRAM - ("MagnetoResistive Random Access Memory") MRAM is unlike conventional RAM chip technologies, in MRAM data is not stored as electric charge or current flows, but by magnetic storage elements. The elements are formed from two ferromagnetic plates, each of which can hold a magnetic field, separated by a thin insulating layer. One of the two plates is a permanent magnet set to a particular polarity, the other's field will change to match that of an external field. A memory device is built from a grid of such "cells".

    Reading is accomplished by measuring the electrical resistance of the cell. A particular cell is (typically) selected by powering an associated transistor which switches current from a supply line through the cell to ground. Due to the magnetic tunnel effect, the electrical resistance of the cell changes due to the orientation of the fields in the two plates. By measuring the resulting current, the resistance inside any particular cell can be determined, and from this the polarity of the writable plate. Typically if the two plates have the same polarity this is considered to mean "0", while if the two plates are of opposite polarity the resistance will be higher and this means "1".

    Regarding the Spin torque transfer writing technology: STT is a technology in which data is written by aligning the spin direction of the electrons flowing through a TMR (tunneling magneto-resistance) element. Data writing is performed by using a spin-polarized current with the electrons having the same spin direction. Spin torque transfer RAM (STT-RAMTM) has the advantages of lower power-consumption and better scalability over conventional MRAM. Spin torque transfer technology has the potential to make possible MRAM devices combining low current requirements and reduced cost.

    Unfortunately, the state of this technology is such that, in order to align the spin-direction, the user must attach his computer up to a stationary bicycle and pedal at the associated Mhz of the memory. This can be effective at low data transfer rates, but most users pass out within the first 20 minutes or so....
  2. Oh yeah... Just in case you haven't figured it out yet: Please go to whoever told you that Vista requires special memory, and kick him in the nutz. Hard.

    (1) Buy the same memory as what you already have installed.
    (2) Put it in.
    (3) Play
  3. Well.. since your using DDR1 memory right now... you cannot simply use DDR2... they are quite incompatible and wont even fit into each others socket (unless you have a hammer)
  4. DDR1 = 184 pin
    DDR2 = 240 pin

    So, no, DDR2 won't work with a DDR1 motherboard regardless of what OS you're running.
  5. I was asking because DDR1 is apparently much more expensive, unfortunately.
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