How do you keep your email address when changing outlook express?

My computer has recently got to the the state where it is almost unusable so I am going to do a clean install to change from Windows xp to Windows 7. When Windows 7 is installed I will also change to a newer version of Microsoft office. I want to know how I can keep my old email address in a newer OS and a newer version of outlook express and also how do I keep all my contacts in the contacts list.
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  1. There is no Outlook Express for Windows 7.

    Your options are to use MS Mail -- a web based email, which you can download as part of Essentials ( ), use Office Outlook, or my preference use Thunderbird ( ). You can import all of your addresses, email, everything into Thunderbird from Outlook or saved Outlook files.
  2. If I change to one of these can I still keep my same email address( or will I have to change address. Also I would appreciate if you could give me a brief guide(or provide a link to one) on exporting and importing all the information as I have had trouble figuring out how.
  3. You can keep your email address with any of the three options. Pick up which one you want to use and I will assist you with the transition.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. I have been looking at my options and trying different programs and I really like mozilla thunderbird. I am still not sure how to use my old address, import emails etc. It asks for a password when creating an account but I am pretty sure there is no password for outlook express.
  5. You only need a password for your email if your ISP requires one. Most ISPs require a username and password (the simple unencrypted type usually) to log on to check email -- it would be the same password as if you logged in through your ISP webmail interface.
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