EVGA 650i Cold Boot OC Problem

I posted a similar problem in the OC CPU section, but I think I understand this problem a bit better now.


mobo: EVGA 650i Ultra
proc: E2160
Ram: 2 x 1 GB PC2 6400

I have increased the FSB to 266 for a 2.4 GHz OC. I'm using stock voltage settings for the proc and fsb. I have increased the RAM volts to 2.1. Everything is stable for 12 hours running two instances of Prime95. Temps are in low to mid 50's c. All looks good. The mystery begins with cold boots.

After letting the machine cool down, I fire it up and it reverts to stock settings. After Windows loads with the stock settings, I reboot and the oc settings are now in effect. There is an overclcocking recovery option in the BIOS which I have enabled and appreciate its usefulness. Only problem is that clearly my moderate oc is completely stable.

Is this some sort of cold boot issue with this mobo. Would increasing certain voltage settings help this mysterious behavior.

I've googled this problem for this mobo with no luck. I'm really stumped.
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  1. definitely sounds like a voltage issue, true upping the Vcore.. you shuldnt overclock a CPU on stock voltage. And with 4 sticks of memory, you should up the northbridge voltage as well.. mine is at 1.43.
  2. Thanks, Beurling. This machine has only 2 GB RAM. The specs in the sig are for a different machine. The cold boot problem is for a different build.

    I also posted the question to EVGA tech support and it was suggested that I flash the BIOS. Kinda what I expected. I was a bit reluctant because the latest BIOS desription did not identify this as a particular problem it was meant to address, but I flashed it yesterday and it appears to have resolved the cold boot issue. I did another 12 hours of Prime95 with no errors.

    All voltage settings are stock except RAM which I've increased to 2.1, so I don't understand your suggestion that I shouldn't oc with stock voltage settings. This is a moderate oc and why stress the cpu with unnecessary voltage?

    I have pushed this system just to get an idea of what it could do by increasing the FSB to 333 for a 3.0 GHz oc. I did have to increase the cpu voltage to ~1.42. Temps were pushing ~70c, though. Too hot for me.
  3. are you using a stock HSF?have you try to push it to 400FSB.but i don think the 650i chipset can handle it though.as 650i chips are cheap quality and bad breed of the 680i chip.
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