Going for a raid0 config

Should I get 2 of these? SATA2 320.0 SEAGATE 7200 16M ST3320620AS


Or 2 of these... SATA2 320.0 W.D 7200 16M WD3200AAKS


i dont want or need anything bigger, for at least 5 years anyways as il have a 250gig backup
Il pretty much just use my pc for games, music and movies
Please tell me why you suggest hat you suggest, thank you :)
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  1. The WD comes as a single platter and is a bit faster than the Seagate, so I recommend you go with the WD.

    I own that Seagate you linked. It's a good drive, but the 7200.10's are a bit dated... late 2006 is when I bought mine if I remember right. There's a newer Seagate generation available, 7200.11, but the single platter WD is the better drive.
  2. Oh, and if you do go with the WD watch out for the older 2 platter versions of that drive that are still being sold with the same model number. You'll need WD's extended model number to determine which one you are getting:

    WD3200AAKS-00VYA0 = 2 platter version
    WD3200AAKS-00YGA0 = 2 platter version
    WD3200AAKS-00B3A0 = 1 platter version
  3. thanks for the reply
    isnt aaks what i have to look for?
    At my local computer store they only have that one and a server specific drive for 20 bucks more
  4. As crappy as it sounds, WD did not change the base part number for the better drive. You might be able to see the extended part # on the retail box somewhere.

    I've heard through the grapevine that zipzoomfly's WD3200AAKS drives are the single platter version if you want to order online for about $60.

  5. I live in canada btw
    and this is the link to the hard drive and store in question

  6. so far no local stores in montreal canada have the single platter version...

    guess il have to wait -.- so i bought rollerblades instead
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