Max OC for a XFX 9600GT ??

Anyone tried to overclock an XFX 9600GT from stock 650mhz core and 900mhz memory to the max ? I got up to 715mhz core and 1015mhz mem but never tried to go higher cause this is the only card I got for the next years on...
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  1. Looks like no one answered so meanwhile I found the max for my card: gpu@745mhz shaders@1862.5mhz and mem@1085mhz. Pretty proud of it :-)

    So the whole overclocked computer gets a nice score:

    3DMarks: 10985
    SM2.0: 5100
    HDR/SM3.0: 4882
    CPU score: 2577

    score was hit by using 3DMark06 v.1.1.0 in Vista Ultimate SP1 32bits, Forceware 174.74 running @ 1280x1024 @ the default settings.

    What is the absolute best overclock for a 9600GT ?

    EDIT: corrected some typos and put some color in it.
  2. OC will differ from vidcard to vidcard, as with cpu, ram, etc. If you're wondering what is the highest OC ever achieved on a 9600GT, I bet it's 800MHz+ on core, speeds like that. They usually have WC and did a V-mod of some sort to get higher speeds.
  3. I have had my Gigabyte 9600GT at 800mhz core, memory at 1,015mhz (2,030mhz effective), and shader clock at 1825mhz. 3DMark06 score of 12,726 with my E8500 overclocked to 3.8GHz. However, I hit 12,833 in 3DMark06 with my processor overclocked to 4.01GHz and my 9600GT at 785/1,020/1825. No volt-mod required, just got a good card...3DMark06 score with processor and graphic card at stock speeds is 10,799. The card is overclocked 24/7 at 750/1000/1750, and temps rarely exceed 56C while gaming. Idle is around 38C. Everything is air-cooled...
  4. :bounce: :bounce:

    I got a MSI card :D
    Core @800
    Shader @ 1900

    Idle = 33-32
    Full Load= 49-52
  5. what kind of MSI card?

    got mine (msi n9600gt t2d1g-oc) running at 771/1850/999 stable 24/7.
    i'm now trying to get higher core clock bij lowering the shader clock and freeing up some voltage.

    temps at 771/1850/999:

    Idle: 34-36
    Stressed: 48
  6. im using xfx 9600gt with G94 chip.

    Factory specs: 700mhz core, 1750mhz shaders, 1000mhz memory

    ive been able to clock my card up to: 821mhz core, 2052mhz shaders, 1171mhz memory
  7. I also have an XFX 9600GT,
    at stock its 650/1625/900 (core clock/shader/memory)
    I overclocked using MSI afterburner to 755/1975/960. I used Unigine heaven to test the settings, at stock I was getting 42, overclocked i am getting 50.4 fps ~20% increase in performance
    Unigine settings: dx10 medium 0AA 0AF 800x600
  8. I've got a Gigabyte's 9600 GT, Clock@800, Shader@2000, Memory@1000.. It works stable and still fast.. :3
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