new here-building a rig for gaming only?

looking for advise on a gaming use computer build,I now have a dell dimension xps gen 2,3.0 ghz HT processor,2 gigs DDR pc3200 corsair pro series extreme ram,75 gig raptor 10,000 rpm hard drive,nvidia 7800gs 256mb video carD,and an audigy 2 sound card.
I would like my new build to be an Intel build,possibly a Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 Processor,other than that,I need motherboard-(pci express,sli enabled for the future),cooling,case,sound card-maybe onboard?,video card-(nvidia single card,pci express),memory(DDR2 dual channel),power supply,cd/dvd drive,floppy drive,ethernet card for dsl.
I would like to keep my current pc together as I will use it for every day duties,the new one will be strictly for online/offline gaming.any help would be greatly appreciated.$1000.00-$1500.00 spending limit,keep in mind this is my first full build.thanks for any and all help.
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  1. E6750 or Q6600 cpu
    2GB DDR2-800 Ram (OCZ, Corsair, etc.)
    Asus P5N series 680i board (SLI capable)
    BFG, XFX or EVGA 8800GT
    Corsair HX620w PSU
    Lite-On 20X DVD±R DVD Burner
    20"+ LCD (Viewsonic, Acer, etc.)
    Seagate or WD 750GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s
    Coolermaster or Antec case

    Cost around $1200-$1300
  2. I'll just be approving ibleet's build since you didn't provide one. Q6600 would be the way to go. Corsair is good brand for me. Doubt he'll need the 680i board if he doesn't have the budget for SLI he probably won't get it. Get P35 or X38. EVGA 8800GT is good. Gamers rest of the build is very solid. Go with XP for now. Maybe a xtreme gamer or music soundcard. with 5.1 or 7.1 speakers. True gamers want good sound out of their rigs. And it takes a bit load off your cpu
  3. They specifically ask for a SLI enabled board, otherwise I would have recommended a P35.
  4. is that Asus P5N series 680i board good for overclocking?just want to make sure this build is upgradable,I dont want to make the same mistake I made buying the dell,its been a great computer but I really over paid for it.
  5. ok,every time I think I have a mobo picked I hear bad things about it,I just keep hearing about nightmares about the 680i board,bios updates,bla,bla,bla,I dont want to keep messing with my build,would like to start right out with somthing a new builder can work I am for sure going with a E6850 processor,dont care about SLI,I want the most stable,easily over clockable motherboard,going to use Nvidia graphics card,like I said strictly gaming.hook me up with a good mother board and I will build around that.thanks
  6. If you don't care about SLI, get a good P35 board.

    Best bang for the buck is right here.

    If that doesn't suit you, then look at Asus P5K boards.
  7. Since you're not going with SLI, you can also drop down from a Corsair 620HX to one of the less expensive PSU's...450VX, 520HX, or 550VX.
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