My New comp wont let me overclock on bios. help pls!

Ok i recently bought a HP pavilion a6325 and it wont let me overclock in bios , its E4500 @2.2 Ghz ,im going to try to archieve 2.6Ghz when i get help :D , anyways When i go into BIOS there is no optionto increase FSB or anything to increase CPU ,so Does anyone know another way to overclock or any help please ?

Thank you ,
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  1. Do a BSEL Mod, as most Dells, HPs and most OEM pc are bios locked. So no bios overclock
  2. If you want to OC, you'll have to build it. PCs from big name companies like HP, Dell, Emachines, etc, locks most of the bios.
  3. That's why I stopped buying prebuilt PCs. That, along with the fact building is cheaper and a lot more fun.
  4. That way when your PC is old and slow enough, you'll buy another one instead of ocing. :D

    That, and they use cheap, bottlenecked components that don't do well with overclocking. :sarcastic:
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