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I would like to rename some fonts; actually just change the name as it is displayed from all caps to upper and lower case. They are script fonts, and since the font is named in all caps, it is displayed in all caps, and that just doesn't work for a script font with elaborate upper case letters.
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  1. I haven't researched this, but I do not think the availability of upper and lower case font are governed by the name of the font. It sounds more like the font style that you are choosing to use only has uppercase font sets.

    Go to Start Button->Control Panel->Fonts and then right-click your installed font and select Open. This will tell you all about your chosen font, including examples and whether or not it includes both upper and lower case lettering, numbers, and/or special characters.

    If you do not see lowercase lettering displayed between the two solid lines, then the font does not include lowercase lettering. See example below:

  2. Here is a followup thought:

    This site has one of the biggest for-free collections of fonts I've ever seen. Check it out and I think you can find a suitable font here:
  3. He's talking about the name of the font being in all caps. You can't really rename them.
  4. These fonts are definitely upper and lower case, but the font name is in all caps so it displays the same way. It is hard to tell what the font actually looks like from the font list when it is in all caps.
  5. What font(s) is it? I'd like to download and try it on my computer.

  6. Word shows you what a font looks like in the toolbar. Also download The Font Thing, for uninstalling and viewing fonts.
  7. Hey Graywolf! Your just the person to solve this problem. Glad your here.
  8. But the font name, excluding the drop-down menu in Word, is written in the default font you choose in Desktop>Properties> Appearance> Advanced. They all use the same font.

    I'm using Word 2000. Don't know if a newer Word still has that feature.
  9. I can't figure out where the fonts are from (I have lots), but is it possible for me to attach it here or email it to you? In Word 2007 and in Photoshop (the programs I use most) they are displayed in the actual font, and it is there they are in all caps. I have both The Font Thing and AMP Font viewer, but I have to open those separately instead of just looking at the font list.

    Also, does anyone know of a program that enables you to uninstall or temporarily install a group of fonts. Using both of these font programs I am able to organize fonts into categories. I am trying to keep most of my fonts uninstalled to get my computer to work faster, but there are times I might want to install all of my handwritten fonts, for example, to see which will work best on a project, and then uninstall them all together. I can go through and pick out the names in the font file, but it would be great to select them as a group.

    I think what I am trying to do won't work, and I will probably just have to come up with some sort of work around.
  10. Where Fonts are born and multiply:
    Original Windows installation
    Graphics and publishing programs--Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc.
    Downloaded fonts.

    I keep my fonts to a minimum, and after a number of years, I just know what my most commonly used ones look like. If you have too many, you'll be scrolling through them every time you need one.

    There is away to use fonts temporarily with actually installing, but I don't know it.

  11. AMP Font Viewer lets you install fonts temporarily, but you can't select an entire designated category - the fonts have to be hand selected from a list.

    I'm a graphic designer, so I need the option of a lot of fonts. I have over a dozen typewriter fonts, for example, all a bit different, and that difference can be just what I need for a given project. But I know I need only a fraction installed on my computer all the time.
  12. Try Googling it if nothing comes up here.
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