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I do not know about threads

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December 28, 2012 8:28:27 PM


I am a novice and the internet and programs have really spiraled out of control...

I downloaded Kaspersky Pure 2.0 from the internet and had some discs sent to me...

they did not come in a vendor package and not too long after the download there was a license key change from where I downloaded: India to Moscow to United Kingdom path...

I am experimenting and trying to go online to see what is important and what is not...

I live in a house with a hacker and also there has been corrupted files continuously being downloaded in my update files...

Most likely some of the changes I made were not too great and there is No One to trust on this issue... the FBI, STATE and Homeland Security are now involved and I will say to anyone, who does not already know; never download any security programs from online... even when it is the legitimate website...

Criminals who love to create chaos or steal what you have are all over this world and even within this forum and all the others...

Even some 7-zip folder from "Igor Pavlov" has somehow found it's way into my computer and will not be deleted...

I am starting to not enjoy using the internet anymore... youtube, netflix facebook... I am home-bound with disabilities and very ill... how else can I connect with people and learn more about my DNA Cultures?

This sucks and I guess I just am venting because who else can I vent about these issues?

I also want to send divine quantum loving consciousness to the world; even though it might be a few words... it seems to have such a great impact on people's lives.

Well, I am financially poor... so no one can steal anything from me because there is nothing to steal, but they will get in trouble and I am so compassionate and loving and caring that I feel for these individuals who have infiltrated into my system because now it has become an international investigation and treason..

Oh woe unto those who have no heart-mind connection..

Sincerely a True Shaman Healer and if I want to I could do other things, but it always comes back what we do and I really do not want to do any rituals that could affect anyone in a negative manner, but I do have a limit...

:) :) :) 

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a b 8 Security
December 28, 2012 9:40:25 PM

Now that you have vented feel free to ask a specific question we can help with ;) 
December 31, 2012 7:38:30 PM

PhilFrisbie said:
Now that you have vented feel free to ask a specific question we can help with ;) 

thank you and I hope you are cool...
I have written notes, but really do not understand anything. At this moment I am not feeling well; I am quite ill with numerous medical ailments and partial handicaps that are debilitating.

I will need to find trust in you.
I will need to share things that can cause me more problems.
I would have to arrange and figure what is what; so that I will not be giving you a bunch of stuff that could confuse the objective at hand.

Who are you?
Where do you come from?
What region of the world are you in?
Why did you reply back to me?

How is it that you are capable of helping me with these 'things'?

How can I know that you will not try and harm me by adding b.s. to my computer, for which, already exists for me with this Toshiba laptop; where a hacker (he said it with his own mouth and is vindictive and dangerous; he works where I live) exists and there is some type of 'copying' going on?

My Kaspersky shows all these pop-ups and the Host Process for Windows Service is "Suspicious; danger index rating of 66" and it seems to be attached to most everything.

I hope this is not public; it seemed to just be for you and I need to know something to feel safe. Human beings are not trustworthy, but just a minority within this world.

I am an extremely empathetic, compassionate, loving, very sensitive emotionally, and I am also like the fire that will consume injustices and harm to anyone.

As I have shared some things with you; I am not like anyone you have ever met or associated with. I am one of those precious human beings that believes to love and be loved.... not everyone is the same...

sincerely yours (until you take that away)
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December 31, 2012 7:44:13 PM

PhilFrisbie said:
Now that you have vented feel free to ask a specific question we can help with ;) 

I seen some info you have for yourself and if the timing is correct... then you are my elder... much respect...

As I am 4th generation Cherokee; I am fortunate to have 3 animal spirits: Eagle, Hawk, and Grey Wolf...

your avatar comforts me...

unusually I have asked questions that you may feel uncomfortable with...
please think of me as your daughter

sincerely with divine quantum loving consciousness
a b 8 Security
January 1, 2013 8:19:11 PM

Everything here is public. I answer questions to help others, and it goes no further than that. . .