Will WD Raptor work with other hard drive?

Im thinking of getting

WD Raptor 300gb 3.0G
WD SATA 500gb 3.0G hard drive.

If I use two of those, will WD Raptor still perform at its original speed?
or will it slow down to work at WD SATA 500gb's speed?
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  1. One hard drive's transfer rates are not dependent on the other if that is question you are asking. Of course if you are specifically transferring data from one drive to the other, the slower drive would not run at the faster drive's faster transfer rates. If the drives are running independent of one another they run at speeds independent of each other's capable transfer rates. Your question causes an emphatical...DUH.
  2. Hmm..

    I want to use WD Raptor as my gaming HD and use other SATA 500gb HD as pure storage.

    So does it mean game will run faster as it is supposed to on WD Raptor? ( which means it won't operate at the same speed as other 7200rpm 500gb hdd? )
    I remember hearing that computer runs with its slowest device ( which is hard drive. ).

    So from what you are saying, both HDDs will run at their OWN speed? Right?

    WD Raptor 300GB SATA 3.0G 10000 rpm.
    WD SATA 500GB SATA 3.0g 7200 rmp.
  3. Correct.
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