How to I reinstall windows xp and get rid of Windows 7???

I recently installed windows 7 on my computer. I soon noticed that my computer was running extremely slow. I have been told that my 533 mhz processor is not fast enough to handle windows 7. I want to reinstall windows xp but when I run the setup disc, it will not let me install it???

Any ideas?
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  1. Are you booting from your XP disc on startup, or are you trying to run the XP disc from within Windows 7?

    You should try installing by booting from the XP CD directly (if you are not already doing so).

  2. By booting directly from the CD, digitalprospecter means to change your boot order in the BIOS. Make your CD/DVD drive the first boot device.
  3. Thanks aford10 and congrats on the Silver Badge!
  4. Thanks, I got it on your thread :)
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