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I built this system, upgrading as $$$ became available. My Windows Experience Index Base Score is 5.3 .This is because my CPU score is 5.3...all other scores are 5.9. Im asking all you experts out there if I should upgrade this CPU . I have an AM2 AMD 5400+ @ 2.8ghz Dual Core. The most I can afford for now is the 6400+ Black from AMD and I think it is rated at 3.2ghz. Will this signifacantly help to even out my PC, performance wise. Do I even need to worry about a bottleneck ? I have an MSI K9n Diamond , 4 giggs DDR2 RAM, MSI 8800GTX ,and a 74gb Raptor. Any advice you can give will be appreciated. Thanks for your time.
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  1. I don't think it's worth it, your next CPU upgrade should be to go quad core with phenom or core 2 quad
  2. do you even know what these scores means???
  3. I have a 6400BE. It ranks a 5.5 on Vista at stock speed.

    *If* you succeed in Ocing it to 3.4, you may get as high as a 5.6 or 5.7.
  4. pat said:
    do you even know what these scores means???

    Whats your point ? If you're not here to help , then you are just wasting my time. Dont try to pick a fight with me-either offer some help or just dont say anything at all.
  5. Sorry, but I'm with pat on this one. WTF is your problem? Don't be a noob (you have 6 posts) coming in here and mouth off at the regulars. His point was valid. Do you know what the scores mean? Does having a CPU score of 5.3 mean your PC is crap? It sounds like you want to upgrade the CPU because its not a 5.9 like all the other scores. Big F'n deal, its .6 behind the others. You'd probably need a quad core CPU to make it a 5.9.

    My advice is to not worry about it. You'd have to replace to much stuff to switch to an Intel quad core. You could drop in an x4, but I'm not convinced thats a good idea if you have a 5400+ @ 2.8GHz. Wait for a better revision to come out before worrying about upgrading the CPU.
  6. OC what you have or deal with a 5.3.

    If you want to max out benchmarks this is going to end up costing a lot more than you probably have to upgrade.

    3.2 6400+ isn't a huge upgrade. 400 MHz is something you can get out of yours.

    Does it not do something? Does it not run games well? Is it scoring low?

    If not I'd highly suggest you don't rely on the WEI to base your upgrades. Since you can max it out at 5.9 and still not do s*** in Crysis.
  7. You built AMD. You get what you pay for.
  8. I guess my problem is I asked for help at the wrong place. What do you think this place is for . So you and you buddies can insult everyone who hasnt posted what you think is enough. Why insult anyone at all. Answer the question and thats all I asked for. The internet has made little tiny minded people such as you and your buddy, a lot more brave thhan God intended. If this were all in real life, I imagine your insults would have been stopped a long time ago. I may not always ask the questions you like . But they mean something to me. WTF is my problem ? Im gone-there isnt room at this place for me. This place is obviously meant for you and your friends to rub each others egos. Help noobs ?? Has it ever occured to you that they are exactly the ones that need the help the most. Good riddance.
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