Service settings,please help! I messed them up bad...

Oh God, please help! (I know that sounds really desperate but, when you read what I've done? You'll see I'm not kidding. Yes, it is that serious.)

I have completely messed up the services in my hp windows xp serv. pk 2,media edition.

I was trying to disable one of the hp services I didn't need in adm. tools/services. (which I never went into before).I saw all this "game console","volume shadow", etc, didn't know what I was doing,changed some service settings..ok, ALOT of them, and basically screwed my smooth running comp up bigtime. I was really ..yes I admit it, stupid. I was half asleep, and just,de-stroyed my comp. It's whatever I did in the services.
*after I messed with the shut down and chkdsk came up. I wasn't here, my husband saw it, wouldn't touch it, so I couldn't stop it..I don't even know if I could.

Now on re-start (3 due to power failures,once because my screen froze) it keeps coming back to a generic hp screen with only an empty recycle bin,and says any changes I make will not be saved,even though the sign on screen is "administrator"(no pw, never was). It says on start up it cannot find a whole LOT of win sys 32 programs,a MOM(?),plus, my explorer 7 (I won't upgrade) always thanks me for chosing explorer 7,tells me to take a tour,and who do I want to be my won't let me restore to a previous date, nothing,no safe boot. Apparently, I changed the functions to a ton of things I absolutely need.

This never happened until I did whatever I did in the services.

yep, I messed it up bad, and it's all due to the service settings.

I was just about hysterical because I thought I had lost my husbands chemo diary. The only good thing is, is that I found my original comp settings in a folder in my c drive (there are 3 with my name, from 2-3 yrs. ago when I took it to the shop to have a virus removed..yes, it ran fantastic after that,until I did ..this. 2 of these folders are empty). . The shop, named a folder or my comp, I'm not sure, and thats where the original desktop/start menu/favs/explorer favs etc are all in there. I don't know where the other 2 "Debra ton of numbers but nothing is in them" folders came from.
*I checked my computer, it say says "registered to Debra tons of numbers, computer name...Debra, tons of numbers", this was the comp. shops doing.

Please please let this not be a dead site. I need you desperately. I have no disks, yes, it was that way,no disks came with it. HP says and have said since the day I bought it, that there are none.

My original log on screen was "administrator" (no Debra anywhere, and everyone could log on) but with no password needed.I just had to click ok, and everything was there. ( honestly I don't even need the log on screen, it's only the two of us here, but right now, I'll take anything)

The only thing thats stable? My printer settings<sigh>

Ooooh, please please help me. I seriously need to know what the default settings are supposed to be in my services before I just chuck this entire thing through my window..which will really upset me because I can't afford a new one.

Thank you so so much,
( e-mail because if this goes out again? Even though this thing claims I'm logged in as admin. I won't be able to find you because, "changes made will not be saved"...
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  1. Boot into safe mode. Use the restore points to revert back to before you made the changes.
    start-->programs-->accessories-->system tools-->system restore.
  2. It won't boot in safe mode,it won't restore back..I'm completely lost..I tried over & says "there is no restore point"
  3. If it didn't come with restore discs, you likely have a recovery partition. Save all your important data to a flash drive, or burn them to a CD. Then restart the computer. Press F11 repeatedly on startup. That should access the recovery partition, and begin the recovery process.
  4. This is what I have when I want to log off, "Log off Administrator", "Shutdown","Install updates and Shutdown", "Restart", "Standby". I don't know why log off admin is there, or install updates & standby, they weren't before.

    When it comes back on, it's always administrator, no pw,which is fine, but then it reverts to the generic hp screen, lost settings, and only the recycle bin. I've hit that F8 button so many times over the course of the past 2 weeks, it's about worn off...I don't know why it won't boot in safe mode...
  5. F8 is the most common keystroke for entering safe mode, but it's not always it.

    Try 'install updates and shutdown.' Maybe you'll get lucky, and missing updates is the reason for this. I doubt it, but it's worth a shot.

    Did you try the F11 for the recovery partition?
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