power outage damaged psu?

A few days ago, the main breaker in my fuse box tripped numerous times in my house thus causing my pc to shutdown improperly. Now, whenever I turn on my pc, the fans and lights would light up for a second before shutting down. The only way to get the pc running is to keep pressing the power button repeatedly. Could the psu be damaged? I checked the connections behind the power button and to the mobo and they appear tight. Once the pc is up and running though, it appears to operate normally. I have a good surge protector connected. Please advise.

Apollo case
stock 400w nzxt psu
mobo: p5n32 sli se deluxe
Creative soundblaster x-fi xtreme music
1 dvd burner
1 dvd reader
tv tuner
evga e-geforce 7900 gs ko
intel core 2 duo e6600
1 320 gb hdd
1 500 gb hdd
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  1. The PSU could have been damaged. I'd start with a new PSU and see if that's it.
  2. Last time something like that happened here the whole computer blew up so yeah the PSU is probably damaged. I suggest you borrow someone's PSU to test and then buy a new one if it fix the problem.
  3. It comes on after a few trys?
    Hold in the "ON" button for a full sec and see if it boots,if so the circut in the PSU that tells the MB that pwr is on all the way is cooked.
  4. hi, i have Biostar motherboard and out of box it would not power up right away, when i press power leds blink and fan try to spin few revolutions and then noting,, pressing button repeatedly or more slowly will start PC normal, after that it works fine until i completely unplug PC,
    (if i don't unplug pc from wall it will power up on first press thou)

    i have replaced my power supply but sill got same will not power up on first button press, haven't figured out whats wrong exactly but pc works just fine
  5. It seems to power on erratically. Sometimes, if I hold the "on" button, it will fire up on the second try, if not then not at all. Right now though, it's been booting up on first go like normal so I don't know what's up with the pc. I will keep monitoring the situation and see if it returns to previous state. I will try a new psu if need be. Thanks all for your input and advise.
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