Cooler Master Hyper TX X2 on IP-35E?


I've ordered an abit IP35-e and it's on its way here. But I've stumbled across some bad news; my first choice for a cooler, the AC Freezer 7 pro, won't fit on my board because the northbridge heatsink is too tall. So now i'm wondering if the next best thing in that price range, the Hyper TX X2, will fit?

I've read that some people have taken the NB heatsink off and cut a piece off the corner to make enough clearance for the AC Freezer 7 Pro to fit, or have actually bent some fins on the lower part of the Freezer Pro to clear the top of the NB heatsink.

But if the Hyper TX X2 will fit without voiding my mobo warranty, i'd rather go that route.

Here is the tall heatsink I speak of (says abit on it) with bent fins on a AC Freezer Pro of someone's rig:

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  1. i think those kind of Nb cooler will get in the way of any aftermarket cooler you get!its too tall and meant to work with the reference cooler.unless you get a cooler with tall standing off the CPU socket.
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