My motherboard may have become trash. Need your ideas.

Hi guys.

I have a rather old system:

Asus A8V-E Deluxe
Athlon Xp 64 3200
Geforce 6800GT
Kingston 1,5GBs of DDR
Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro
Antec Truepower 430W PSU

4 days ago I reinstalled Windows XP and was installing drivers&software like I always do when I install a new Xp. All of a sudden the screen froze and I had to restart the PC. Except I couldn't. When I turned on the computer, I couldn't get any visuals in the screen. The monitor acted like I removed the plug from the graphic card. It was all black.

Then I removed the graphic card and rams from their slots and reinserted them and turned on the computer again. This time the screen worked fine, I had the usual startup screen, the windows logo. But just as the "Welcome" screen is about the appear, the computer restarted itself. I tried again but it restarted when the welcome screen is about to appear again.

Then I thought that maybe it's because of the Windows. I unplugged my hdd, and inserted another hdd which has an another Windows Xp (with no nvidia drivers). This time the Xp started, but with 4 colors. (It said 4 color in the display screen when you adjust the resolution) The colors of the screen were really messed up, it was like the screen had a spider web filter. Anyways after that boot I couldn't get a screen when I turned on the computer.

I reinserted everything except cpu (I didn't think this was a cpu error.) Checked all the fans, checked if there was any overheating, reseted the cmos, removed the unnecessary parts (cdrom, soundcard, 2nd hdd), removed the whole PSU from the computer and inserted another PSU. Tried turning on the pc. No screen.

Then I tried something else. This is the point where I think this is a motherboard problem: I tried my graphics card on another computer. It worked fine. This time I could get screen. Windows started, even saw my 6800gt with no problems. Then I tried another graphics card (ATI Radeon x600) on "my" machine, I couldn't get any screen again.

So right now I think that the PCI Express slot of my motherboard is corrupt. I couldn't figure anything else.

Any ideas? Could it be a CPU problem? Feel free to ask if you have additional questions.

Thank you.
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  1. Overclocking? If not, then my vote goes for the motherboard, assuming you get some fan activity when you turn on the power supply.
  2. No overclocking. Yes every single fan on the computer turns including PSU.
  3. Sure sounds like the mobo to me.
    I had a similar problem not too long ago on my original A8V Deluxe. After alot of debugging, I pulled the mobo and,
    on the back side underneath the caps for voltage regulation, it was discolored brown. Caps looked fine - but the board was fried.
    Probably should have built a new system then but overall the rig runs good - so I picked up a replacement mobo off Ebay (new card, never opened in original packaging) for 60 bucks. Runs great again - hoping to get another year or so out of this before I do a total upgrade.

  4. Sure sounds like MOBO. CPUs are so hardy, they almost never die. When it comes down to either CPU or MOBO always go with MOBO UNLESS you have a spare CPU sitting around you can try with little effort. Of course if you have any reason to suspect CPU, such as a failed cooling system, then look into it more. Check the CPU for any signs of damage.

    Before getting a new MOBO it might be worth rebuilding this system barebones only outside of the case. Just power, mobo, 1 stick RAM, cpu, video, keyboard. If she boots reliably then throw a drive on it and run memtest off a CD or floppy.

    If by chance this barebones setup works then you have some odd problem elsewhere. Otherwise I'd replace MOBO.
  5. Thanks for the replies.
    @sdrac: I will take out the motherboard from the case and check the back for burns.
    @notherdude: I will try powering on completely outside the case. Unfortunately I don't have a spare CPU, though I will check for signs of damage on mine like you said.

    I'll let you guys know tomorrow.
  6. I powered up the system completely outside the case with only mb,graphics card,cpu and 1 slot ram. Still no screen. :/

    About checking the cpu, I couldn't remove the goddamn cpu heatsink it was so stuck. Even if I did, I don't have any thermal paste to reinstall the cpu there either. I'll try to remove the heatsink again with a friend. I don't want to buy a new mobo without checking the cpu first.

    Sigh.. frying your motherboard is so totally not cool.
  7. I had a similar problem with a friends nforce athlon 64 MSI board. Tried a bunch of stuff I don't remember the actual order but after clearing the cmos and reflashing with an automated flash diskette we reinstalled Xp with a slipstreamed version and it has worked ever since. Sorry I can't remember what order to debug but it was a long time back.
  8. I tried clearing cmos 2 times but to no avail. My problem isnt with the bios I think. The monitor just doesn't show anything when I power up.
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