G92 8800GTS/512MB review - 30 Nov @ Tweaktown

A pretty substantial review of the soon to be released, new 8800GTS/512MB GPU.
First one I've seen and posted over at Tweaktown website.

30 Nov review of G92 8800GTS/512MB
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  1. ITs getting beat at crysis by the gt if thats not driver related then the gts is a pos.
  2. I dont' really see a huge improvement. It seems to perform right at the GTX level in crysis. I think the gt is still the better buy.
  3. vaker5 said:
    ITs getting beat at crysis by the gt if thats not driver related then the gts is a pos.

    57.74 vs 62.24 FPS woohoo... and that was the only time it was beaten by it in crysis, on medium at 1280x1024.

    More importantly is it runs cooler and so much quieter it's not funny.
  4. It's quieter... i suppose that's nicer.

    I like how the 3870 starts raping them when they put dx10 on :).
  5. Wasn't there supposedly a 1GB version coming out as well... or was that just a rumor?
  6. Cooler because iss 2x the size lol, but so what who cares tis not going to brake at the temps it reaches, so its fine.
  7. So is it a good OCer?
  8. you might read this about the vid card you are thinking of getting .... before you get it.

  9. MSI is the best brand. look at the 8800GT MSI compared to the other. I love MSI...
  10. There is something strange going on with the power consumption tests in this review. How could this card draw 44 more watts under load than the GT. Maybe they just got a really bad sample.
  11. vaker5 said:
    So is it a good OCer?

    I'm using Zotac 8800GT 660/1600/1800 (112SP) now, easily OC it
    to 700/1700/2000, BUT the fan RPM probably has to max it and
    end up very NOISY (sound like a small vaccum machine)

    So the new G92 big brother 8800GTS has 650/1625/1940 (128SP)
    I've seen someone OC it 820/1998/2060 WITHOUT increase the speed of the fan !!

    Here is the link :

    By comparing the price, it is about extra $70-$100 between these models

    G92 8800GT 512MB> USD$260-USD$299
    G92 8800GTS 512MB> USD$370
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