My Combo DVD/CD is freaking me

hi ..

i have problem with my cd/dvd combo drive when i install anything big like a game or something the DVD stops spinning and the installation just stops like that ... it doesnt quit or give any error messages just stops to forever

i tried several games and all just hangs like the others in different places though

so anyone had this problem b4 or anyone knows the solution for this???


P.S sorry for my bad english
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  1. anyone ?? :(
  2. I am going to guess that the drive is bad, do you have another computer you could swap drives with to see if the problem follows the drive or the computer. Otherwise, new drives are really cheap online.
  3. im gonna try that but to let you know .. i just bought this pc its brand new i installed it ma self

    but im gonna try another drive it could be damaged who knows

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