Flash player and Windows 98?

Hey guys, I'm trying to install Flash Player on Win 98SE and it simply won't work. There is no version of flash on it now, and no antivirus to block installation. I'm running KernelEx with both Opera 10.10 and Firefox 3.6 and I've tried using both to install flash versions 8, 9, and 10.3 all with the same result. What happens is that I can download the file with no problems, but when I double-click it, nothing at all happens. If I try to open it, nothing happens. After hours of messing around I did finally get one download to show a dialogue box with the options to run or save....I selected run, and instead it saved it. These are .exe files, so they are supposed to run, right?

Any ideas?
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  1. The problem with Flash is it is tightly integrated with newer versions of DirectX and the video driver.
  2. Do I need an older version of flash, or maybe update DirectX? I am totally clueless on this stuff lol
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    Have you used the support center like suggested here
  4. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I didn't forget about this thread. I haven't been able to do much with any of my computers lately because I've been having major power surges here at my house; so far, three computer power supplies have blown sky high! Once I get that sorted out, I will definitely try those things.
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  6. I wound up giving up; could not find anything Flash-related it would download. I went back to running XP on that computer. Thanks for the answers, everyone!
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