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Win Aero doesn't show up in Vista

My Windows Vista Home Basic PC is having a problem w/ Windows Aero, or the Windows Basic theme- one day after rebooting I found that Windows Aero (was not in the list of options when I right click desktop and --> Personalization --> Windows Color and Appearance. The Windows Basic and Windows Std don't even appear on the list. How should I solve this problem? Tried rebooting the computer again- it doesn't help.

Dell Inspiron 531
W Vista Home Basic
w/ 2.1 GHz x2 AMD Processor
1 GB Dual Channel Memory
220 GB HD Capacity
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  1. I thought windows aero wasn't in vista home basic!

    Look ^ :hello:
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    Open regedit and search for Hkey_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM in Composition change the value of the entry to 1. Restart and try enable Aero again.
  3. Thanks for the help, but I solved the problem yesterday by restarting the themes service. How do I delete a thread?
  4. The moderators will do that.
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