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Auzentech x-plosion vs Creative x-fi Music

Last response: in Components
December 1, 2007 3:49:48 AM

Im surrently using z5500 on an onboard soundcard and I find the sound crappy and thin when listening to music. Which of this two (Auzentech x-plosion vs Creative x-fi Music) would help improve the sound quality in terms of music playback. I will sue my setup for 70% audio and 305 movies, not a gamer here.

Thanks in advance
December 1, 2007 5:53:49 AM

I was using an intel 845 chipset with onboard sound to connect to the Z5500's and the experience was horrid. After a lot of study, went in for the Auzentech X-plosion 5.1 DTS. WOW. the Z5500 literally came alive. Now i use the optical cable to connect the z5500 with the sound card. Long story short.........the best bet. GO AUZENTECH !!!
December 1, 2007 10:03:31 PM

For music you'd better off with this card. It uses the newest chipset and has gotten very good reviews. I have the HT Omega Claro, which uses the same chip and a definite noticeable difference from the onboard card but it's more expensive than the Bluegear. Google reviews of the Bluegear, think you'll find them interesting.