Cooling Options for Half-Height Card with Nvidia 8500 GT?

I have an NVIDIA 8500 GT on a low profile card in a slim-line computer (ie not much space), but there is an open slot just next to thte video card which will allow vertical space for a vga cooling solution.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a quiet cooling solution for smaller spaces? The standard fan on the video card is very loud.

I have been looking at the ZALMAN VF900 and VF700 solutions but was not sure of their compatibility or sizing for the half-height video card as the 8500 is not listed on their compatibility list. I have also been looking at the Jetart VC3600 but was unsure of the size as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You want a better cooler because the fan is too loud? I doubt there is any after-market cooling for it, but you should try using Rivatuner and turning down the fan speeds. Watch the temps though.
  2. Thanks - I will. What would be considered a safe temp range for the NVIDIA 8500 GT?
  3. Thanks again for the help! That did the trick - I moved the fan down to 40% and it is very quiet, core temp is maintaining at about 64C only up 3C as the original idle was at 61C.
  4. When running at load (maximizing rivatuner monitor and setting update rate to 1 - ie many bitblits) the system peaks out at 72C and appears to idle between 65 and 68C when the fan is at 30%, which is very quiet.

    Is 72C a safe temp for the NVIDIA 8500 GT? and other components? What would be considred a safe max temp?
  5. i recommand to keep the temp under 70 if i were you.but if it didnt cause any crash or artifact then i guess that temp is fine.
  6. Anything under 85C is fine for vidcards.
  7. just to let you know the throttle temp for the Nvidia chip is about 100C or 110C cant remember exactly.but as long as the graphics card doesnt produce artifact then its fine.but lower temp is always better for any parts.
  8. That's true. Use ATI Tools to check for artifacts.
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