No antivirus installed = AVAST 7 Gaming mode ON

Hey guys . just wanted to know if AVAST 7 gaming Mode is realy working !

I mean if i switch to the gaming mode then it means that i have no Antivirus running while gaming ?

compare these :

No antivirus installed = AVAST 7 Gaming mode ON

are they same ? or ...
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  1. "
    What is the avast! Silent/Gaming Mode?
    At various times while your computer is running, messages may be displayed on your screen e.g. when the virus definitions have been updated, when an incoming e-mail is being scanned etc. This can result in full-screen applications (e.g. games) being interrupted as Windows switches from full-screen mode to normal mode when the message appears. You can specify that messages will never be displayed, or will not be displayed if a full-screen application is running."
    You are still protected only shutting of these notifications.
  2. SO what should i do ? i want it to stop using my CPU & ram when im gaming!
    can i disable all shields ? will it help ?

    is disabling all shield = NO Anti Virus programm on my PC ?
  3. Yes it is the same as shutting it of. No protection.
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