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I bought my Radeon Sapphire X1600Pro a couple of months ago and since then...I've been having regular periods where the cards starts acting weird.

Sometimes I switch on my PC - only to find out that the screen is FULL of bad pixels....(and NO - I don't have a TFT - so it's not the monitor's fault - hell I even switched monitors to check this). Anyway...this week I received Need For Speed Pro Street and a MAJOR problem occured....halfway through the game (ALWAYS in the same section....) the game stops responding....screen starts flicking (as if it's refreshing on it's own) and I can't proceed further!

Should I just SCRAP the card and get another one!? Or maybe it's some OTHER problem!?

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  1. First of all did you update the drivers for both the game and the card? If you did, this problem can be overheating issues or a bad video card.
  2. Drivers are up to date! With regards to overheating problems...ATI Tool's highest temperature clocked when I ran the "check for artifacts" test was 68 degrees C. I have no idea about what should be the highest temperature though.
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