ICH9R raid prevents install on vista

What i'm trying to do is to have two 250gb hdd's in RAID0 and have my raptorX as a dedicated hdd for my OS. ICH9R on the ASUS Rampage Formula is preventing that. I get the error "windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation" on both the raided hdd's and the single drive. Wtf! I've never ran into this problem. I tried installing the raid drivers but that didnt do anything.

I looked for the option to keep the raided hdd's separate from the raptor in bios but the raid controller either sets all sata ports to raid or disables the functionality to all of them.

This might just be me but intel's raid controller is the worst i've ever seen. I'm very accustomed to nvidia's chipsets with AMD builds and their functionality is far superior.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. You will have to set the drives up in the raid config screen. Avilable at the boot option rom of the raid controller. Set the raptor as JBOD most likely
  2. Did you ever fix this issue.. i have a similar issue on the p5e3 deluxe...

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